Monday, 17 September 2012

Cult Nails Feeling Froggy with OPI You Don't Know Jacques

Hi guys!

Today I have an...Interesting mani for you. Its another round of Matthews picks that I did this past Wednesday. For those who don't know, I've let my 4yr old son pick out my nail polish shades in the past and created this look with his selections.

So lets see what he came up with this time:

To my surprise and delight he picked out Cult Nails Feeling Froggy, which is a grassy green shimmery jelly. Then (to my horror) he proceed to also pick OPI You Don't Know Jacques, OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!, and Essie Good As Gold. Each one of these polishes are great in their own way, but how the heck can I throw a look together with such a mish-mash!?

When I showed him the finished product he deemed it "nice" and went back to what he was playing with! So maybe not the best look :)

That's it for my nails today!

Do you guys do anything different to help you out of a creative slump? Sometimes I feel like there are nail art ideas coming from everywhere, and I just need someone else to pick for me. Even if it is my little boy, its still great to have a "starting point" so to say. I am already looking forward to the  next creative slump, if only to see what Matthew picks out next :)

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great Monday!



  1. Matthew did a great job - great colors :)
    I cannot say I'm in a creative slump very often, only if I'm in a lot of pain, and then I wouldn't do my nails anyhow. Sometimes I actually feel the inspiration is too overwhelming - and the time is too short LOL - I guess that's a luxury problem :)

    1. Yes! Overwhelming was the word I was looking for! There are so many choices and inspirations, sometimes I don't know where to start. Haha I'll let him know you like it :) Thank you!

  2. Haha, 'nice', that's all he has to say after putting you through such a challenge!! I gotta say, I would never figure out how to combine green and red/pink together and you somehow pulled it off!!!!
    And I never have any ideas... That's why i hosted that nail art contest!! Speaking of which, check your email if you haven't yet, you awesome winner you!!! :))). So I get all my inspiration from other bloggers!!!

    1. Thanks so much Gosia!! <3 I'm not 100% sure I pulled it off either! lol

  3. Mathew is a GENiOus! That OPI shade is a classic an one of my favourites. Give him a big hug from me!
    I love this series, and I hope you keep doing it!
    You truly did a great job! And even though I'm frightened of bees I DO like this look!

    1. Ha I'm glad! He didnt pick the stamp I did... so I get all the credit!!! *takes ALL TEH CREDIT!* lol Kidding! He actually loves looking at the nail polish bottles, so I think its fun for him to pick out a few... I need to remind him to pick out a few with no "sparkles"


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