Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OPI San Tan-tonio Times 3

Good morning readers!

I have another post involving last weekend. Today it includes the nails I did on my mom and sister as well as my own.

So here's what happened, I called my sister looking for her because she was supposed to be coming over for a visit... Well her puppy was picked up from the breeders Friday and was currently at her house. We decided it would be waaay easier if I came to visit her instead. So I packed up my boys, some polish and spent the afternoon with the new puppy (named Belle, but I can't stop calling her Belly) and painting some nails!

I did my mom first, when I'm doing her nails I always know to bring a whole bunch of tans, beiges, soft pink-ish shades... you know... muggle shades... and I know shes reading this... But Mom its TRUE!! (although she told me that she wore GREEN on St Patricks Day... Get OUT! *said like Stacy London*) At least she really likes stamping:

OPI San Tan-tonio
We used OPI San Tan-tonio, with China Glaze Fairy Dust sponged on the tips. We Stamped using MASH plate 46 with Konad white stamping polish. OPI Funky Dunkey & Kiss Me On My Tulips were dotted on after to finish the look.

 Next up we have my sister, who is a lot more relaxed when it comes to what shades go on her nails... I do notice one thing though, whenever she comes over shes heads straight for the OPI!! Maybe we really ARE sisters after all! :P One fur baby inspired mani coming right up!
Here we used OPI San Tan-tonio as our base (again!) and dotted with Wnw Black Creme & OPI Alpine Snow Matte. On the accent we used OPI Deutsche You Want Me Baby stamped using MASH plates 36 & 27 with Konad Black stamping polish.

After I got home I needed to do my nails in preparation for the blogger meet up, and I drew a complete blank in the idea department. I took a cue from the looks above, and use OPI San Tan-tonio as my base and came up with this look (which is actually a recreation of another look I did earlier but not posted on my blog yet):

All have same base: OPI San Tan-tonio
Thumb: OPI Road House Blues
Index: OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
Middle: China Glaze For Audrey
Ring: OPI Funky Dunkey
Pinky: OPI Hot & Spicy
Stamped with MASH plate 37 with Konad White Stamping polish. This arrow design has become my absolute favourite stamp ever! Like ever!!! And I don't even know how it got top spot, but I can think of at least 3 more looks I'd like to try with it. People with long nails will have to double stamp this design because it was a little bit short on my nails.

San Tan-tonio is a lot darker than my skin (as well as my moms & sisters) but somehow this shade unexpectedly works very well with my pale-to-put-it-nicely colouring.

I hope you guys enjoyed these 3 looks created with the same base colour! Maybe I should try more post like these?

As always thank you for reading!

Have a great day :)

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  1. I love the color combinations, it works great in all 3 mani's :)


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