Friday, 7 September 2012

Twin Post: Nail Foils

Hello & can I just say TGIF!
I am super excited to be doing my very first twin post with none other than the lovely and extremely talented Marta from Chit Chat Nails. I am lucky enough to know Marta out-side of blogging as well through the nail blogging community. And guys, I can honestly tell you her sweet personality is the exact same in real life as it is on her blog. She has taught me a lot about blogging, either with me asking her out right, or by example from the way she runs her own blog.  If by some small chance you haven't seen Chit Chat Nails yet, then hurry up and check it out! Trust me when I say (or type, as the case may be) you'll be there for some time browsing all her different manis.

So let me stop here a moment, and say hello to Martas readers! Welcome!

 Alright back to the post:
We decided on a twin post using nail foils from Born Pretty. Personally I had no idea how to use them, I kept thinking that they would look like the Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer which is prohibitively expensive. So with that in mind I tried to re-create a look similar to the Rococo.

OPI Road House Blues &  Revlon Jaded

I used OPI Road House Blues and Revlon Jaded for my base, then stamped my middle & ring along the side with MASH plate 37 and Essie Penny Talk. I was hoping to capture an "Indian summer" feel, because we have been having some HOT days (all my sons back to school clothes should have been shorts!).

I found the nail foils easy to use in theory, but a lot harder in practise. They kept sticking to my fingers (tweezers are a must!) and I couldn't shape them nicely without getting tiny bits stuck to me. I also had the brilliant (eye-roll please!) idea to to try and stick a large piece of foil to my index and rip small bits off it... yeah... don't do that, that's why my index has basically one large foil chunk.

What do you guys think of the gold leaf look? I am a fan, I defiantly need more practise, but a fan none the less.

Also I want to say thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog today (and every day)! Thank you!

AND Thank you very much to Marta for letting me do a twin post with her : )

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Karen. This is an excellent idea using foils. The blues are the perfect 'foil' to the gold-copper sheets :)

  2. I have never used foils...I just find them scary!

  3. These foil thingies are so cool! They definitely give a really cool effect to the overall mani :)

  4. I love this, Karen!!! Especially the look of the foils on blue. They look like colorful leaves!!!! Too bad you had hard time with them, that sounds pretty frustrating!!! I may get them next time I shop at Born Pretty Store though, they look way too cool to pass up!!
    oh, and you and I need to do a Twinsie one day, chickie!!!

  5. Karen!!! You definitely showed off your madd skills in this post. Thank you for being my TWIN for the day... though I may have to say that you were the prettier of the twins ;)
    I LOVE how you paired it with the navy blue! I thought about maybe layering it over red, but navy blue never crossed my mind- and yet it IS the perfect fit!

    See you sunday! ;)

  6. You can get gold, silver, copper and black irridescent leafing at a local craft shop. It will last forever as there are about a dozen 4x4 sheets per pack. I've always called this design "nugget nails". Did my first nugget mani about 20 years ago.


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