Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hallowen Nail Art Contest: Candy Corn


*Edit* Umm hi, so I wrote this post only to realise I did the wrong challenge! Its actually supposed to be spiderweb today!! Sorry!! LOL I'll get the spiderweb posted on the 10th instead of candy corn.

This is a really rare Sunday post from me, but if the challenge calls for it, I'm totally here! Today we're doing Candy Corn for the Halloween Nail Art Challenge.  To tell everyone the truth, I've only had candy corn once in life... I am not sure if its just not big in my family or not big in Canada, but  candy corn and I rarely cross paths. Are you guys fans?

Candy Corn Nails
I used OPI Alpine Snow as my base, Zoya Pippa free handed on top, and Lise Waiter Tangerine painted on the tips.
When I added my top coat it pulled the orange off, and caused it to drag on the next nail....curse you cheapie-top-coats-I-try-to-use-up... CURSE YOU!! *Shaking fist*

I hope all Canadian are enjoying their Thanksgiving! I will be out of town for the day, stuffing myself :) Yay!

Thanks for reading!



  1. oh these are sooo cute! great job!

  2. These are adorable! I always assumed candy corn was a Halloween "thing"(I always saw it during Halloween but no one ever seemed to really like it). Also if by enjoying Thanksgiving you mean enjoying my sweet potato baby food after having all my wisdom teeth yanked... then yes. I am enjoying it :P

  3. These are so cute! I did mine in the wrong order too, and only remembered at the last minute it was supposed to be spiderwebs. It's just luck that I ended up posting them in the right order!

    Your candy corns look great! :-)

  4. this is good, can't wait to see your spiderweb next time ;)

  5. Oh yum! I like these nails, and I like candy corn too! I have to eat some every Halloween. I have eaten TWO bags already this year by myself.

    Have you heard Lewis Black's hilarious rant about candy corn? Sure, corn, that tastes like candy. He tries it every year, and every year he hates it.

  6. just the other day, is the first time I remember having candy corn. I wasn't blown away by it. your mani looks great!! isn't it annoying how you see the streaks and on the nail it's not-so-bad but the pics is sooo noticeable! but seriously the streaks aren't that bad! can't wait to see your spiders!! -a fellow Canadian

  7. You crack me up! Too funny that you did the wrong one, I wish I would have, I did not like the spiderweb challenge day, I had a hard time! lol Great job on the candy corn! :)

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