Monday, 8 October 2012

OPI German-icure Thanksgiving Nails

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian lovelies!!

I didn't really do anything special on my nails for the occasion, but I wore my (untired *gasp*) OPI German-icure. Its a beauty and felt perfect for thanksgiving. I put it on Friday night, and as of typing this on Sunday its still in decent condition, which is good because I still have one more thanksgiving dinner to stuff my-self at. Wear time rocks!! :D

OPI German-icure
Three coats of OPI German-icure, all photos taken in my light box, so it appears a little lighter in the pics than it is in real life. This polish is a perfect example of the "lit-from-within" shades we all clamour over. Its so beautiful!!

Truest to colour
It feels good to to have a simple look once in a while, and it was nice to just paint my nails and go to bed after, instead of waiting to dry and then stamping, ect. (although, if this shade last past Monday, I'll just stamp over it and rock it for another day!)

Also, last night at my family dinner, I am happy to say that both my mom and sister had done their own nails and showed me too! Good job girls :)

When was the last time you wore your nails unadorned? Or maybe a better question for some would be when was the last time you did you stamping, or other piece of nail art?

Do you prefer decorated or undecorated nails?

Thanks for reading

Have a great Holiday Monday & Happy Thanksgiving!!!



  1. I just wore this for the first time the other week and it's now one of my farourites! I like doing my nails one colour and then maybe a day later adding art. Best of both worlds!

  2. Beautiful color! This OPI is so rich and luxurious :)
    Last time I did nail art on Friday, and right now I'm wearing a simple mani (A England Guinevere + silver Orly on accent fingers), but I'm already thinking about changing the colors and painting something freehand :))
    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I know it's a great holiday, so Happy and fun Thanksgiving to you too! :)

  3. I love this color! I just ordered this by accident when I meant to order every month is oktoberfest but I'm soooo glad I did. I love stamping and glitters and rhinestones etc, but my hubby absolutely hates it! He likes plain nail polish. I told him too freaking bad! I don't do it for him anyway lol. We ladies know that we do it for ourselves and other women to appreciate and be envious of our rockin skills.

  4. It's such a beautiful polish. The shimmers from that collection were to die for - and this is definitely the perfect Thanksgiving polish. Happy Thanksgiving from Halifax!

  5. Don't you be gasping woman!! I still haven't tried mine... Lol :))
    I like having accent nails but occasionally I just out on plain old polish. It's usually my favorites, like Cult Nails Princess or it was all kinds of neons in the summer

  6. P.S. I better get on wearing this polish because its STUNNING!!!

  7. I prefer just simple nail with less than 2 colors, but I love to try some draws and stamping on my nails!

  8. This is one shade I will have to hunt down! I love how vampy it is ;)
    You wear it soo well. I have to admit to you that I have been itching for a plain manicure as well- it is nice to, like you said, paint& topcoat and avoid the 'fuss'.
    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with the family

  9. This is a beautiful color.

    I truthfully love some nail art on my nails, but often times I don't have time. lol.. so I use glitter instead.

    BUT sometimes, I LOVE solid colors like this. No art, nothing, just the amazing color in all its glory


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