Thursday, 1 November 2012

Guest Post: Jin from Superficially Colorful

Hey everyone!

Have a good Halloween? Ours was a little rainy... but that didn't stop my son and a few others from going trick ot treating. I will say that more than a few spirits were dampened lol.

Ready for more awesome guest posts? Today is Jin from Superficially Colorful, who many know as the Inlinkz hook up! lol. She has been so awesome when someone starts a challenge to provide the  code for our blogs. I've also come to know her as a fun and cheery blogger with lots of rockin indies :)

Lets GO! :)

Hello all of Karen's readers! In case you don't know me yet, my name is Jin. Nice to meet you! I am so honored to be posting here as a guest and I really hope you will like my mani idea. I decided to do a Jelly Sandwich for Karen's blog. But I didn't want to have the same Jelly Sandwich everyone is having, with glitter as a spread. I figured anything interesting could be used inside some Jelly coats just as well. And so I came up with this design:
Photo taken indoor with artificial lighting
I started with two coats of purple Jelly - Hot Purple by New York Summer. It's a beautiful purple jelly. Very sheer, but that's what a jelly is suppose to be. It has a gorgeous dark purple color that is built beautifully with every coat. Application is easy and smooth, the formula is just great and drying time is pretty quick. All the good things in one little polish. Then I used Kleancolor Metallic Purple and DRK-A plate for the stamping. I like the way Kleancolor Metallic polishes turn out in stamping but you should know that the dark colors (Black, Blue, Purple) are terribly staining. And not only do they stain the nails, but also my stamper turned all purple. I held my stamper in pure acetone for a while and eventually the color went off. But I was really annoyed by it. Anyway, the stamp did turn out nice on the purple jelly so I used the jelly polish to "close" my sandwich and added another coat of it on top of the stamp. I am happy to say it did not smear the stamp at all! I finished this design with a coat of Seche Vite fast dry top coat, not because it was needed but because I like to use one. LOL I have a feeling at least some of you can understand it too.
New York Summer - Hot Purple
Photo taken indoor with artificial lighting.
Photo taken indoor with artificial lighting.
Photo taken outdoor in direct sun light.
New York Summer - Hot Purple and Kleancolor Metallic Purple stamp - close up.
Photo taken outdoor in the shade.
Photo taken indoor in natural light.
I hope you enjoyed my "other" Jelly Sandwich. Feel fee to pop into my blog sometimes. I'd love to see you around! And THANK YOU Karen SO MUCH for having me! Yours, Jin


Thank you Jin! I love purples and I love jellies and I love them both even more when they are made into a sandwich and sent to me ;) Oh and that  DRK-A plate is on its happy little way to my house right now! :)

Don't forget to check out Jins Blog HERE.

Bye for now!



  1. JIN - super pretty nails!!! I love the jelly and the shimmer in the colour, but contrast in the finish!!! Come do a guest post for me - my readers would like to see some lovely long nails for a change lol

  2. This came out so pretty! I love it! :-)
    Bummer that the metallic color stains so badly. It's very pretty.

    ~ Yun

  3. Totally love the design and the idea to sandwich a stamping! Increases the possibilities manifold


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