Thursday, 8 November 2012

Guest Poster: Elizabeth From Life And Polish

Hi Guys!

Hows your week so far? Mine is going pretty positive. Wednesday I had a parent teacher interview for my son Matthew, and guess what? It went great! I don't want to sell my son (or my-self) short, but I will admit I had some pre-meeting jitters. Now I feel bad for my mom, because when she went to these parent teacher meeting for me, it wasn't all good news lol!

Today's guest poster is Elizabeth from Life and Polish. I met Elizabeth and her sister Katy at the blogger meet up I went to last month. I thought they were both really fun, smart and talented ladies. I was so happy that Elizabeth agree to do a guest post for me.

Lets see what yummy nails Elizabeth sent:

Hi my lovelies! My name is Elizabeth and I run Life and Polish, with my twin sister, who guest posts on Sundays! I am so excited to be posting over here at Nail Call. Even though I've only met Karen recently, I just love her! Meeting her at our Ontario Blogger Meet-Up in September was so fun, and I'm hoping we can plan another one soon, or I'll have to go visit my sister and visit Karen in one fell swoop! I'm so happy to be guest-posting, and showing off a manicure for you!

I really wanted to use my new Bundle Monster plates, so I stared at them for awhile, then finally decided on the rose design on plate 323. I used Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days for the base, and stamped with Revlon Gold Coin. I wasn't loving how it looked shiny, so I decided to mattify it with my N.Y.C matte topcoat and voila! I love how Gold Coin looks when matte!


I know this look very subtle and gives me sort of corpse hands (gold is not very flattering to my skin tone) I liked how subtle it was, yet SO many people noticed it and thought it was so cool that it was matte! I'm on somewhat of a matte kick, so I need to mattify this one as well!

Anyways, Karen I hope you have a good week back transitioning into work and thank you so much for letting me guest-post & I hope you all enjoyed my nails <3
Thank you Elizabeth!!! I enjoyed the nails a lot! I had to really LOL @corpse hands!! 
I don't own any Bundle Monster plates... But boy OH boy, you girls (I'm side-eyeing Elizabeth, Katy, Marta and Gosia!- just to name a few) are going to break me one day!
Thanks again to Elizabeth, don't forget to visit her and Katy over at Life and Polish.
Have a great day!


  1. Very pretty!

    I love that rose stamp. A person favorite of mine. You use it wonderfully!

  2. Elizabeth's nails are pretty ;) Just as twins do, we wore the exact same stamp on the same day (I posted mine awhile back), hilarioussss ;) and yes, get the plates. Just do it! I was so unsure about it, my first set of BM plates underwhelmed me but OMG I have yet to stop stamping since!!

  3. I love this stamp to begin with (one of my favs), but I especially love the color combo you used! So gorgeous :)

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