Friday, 2 November 2012

Guest Poster: Gosia from LIfe In Color

Hey Ladies!!,

TGIF! We are *thisclose* to the week being over! And MAN I am looking forward to the weekend! :) This pass week has been a series a little things building up and building up, I just want to unwind in a warm bath with hot chocolate. As a bonus I think the sun is suppose to make an appearance this weekend, which is cool considering its been MIA all week.

Of course I have another awesome guest blogger today! Our dear friend Gosia is visiting :D  Gosia has got to be one of the most including bloggers I've ever run across. She is always making up challenges and opening it up for everyone to join. To a beginner blogger something like that means the world! Shes also pretty damn awesome for inventing Thirsty Thursday too! She does her nails inspired by an alcohol beverage, and post the recipe so we can all get drunk do our nails together.

Hello to all Nail Call readers!  I’m Gosia and I also share Karen’s passion of nail polish in the form of a little blog called Life In Color!


I was thrilled to hear that Karen wanted me to guest post on her blog while she’s transitioning back to the ‘working’ life.  I don’t have kids but I can imagine how hard it must be to leave your little ones behind, even for a few hours, because you have to go back to work!  I really hope she adjusts quickly, and in the meanwhile you all will find her guest posts entertaining =)


Since Halloween is behind us, I am officially in the ‘get-ready-for-the-Holidays’ mode!!  I don’t know about you, but Christmas has always been magical to me!!  I love love the Holidays!  So I’ve decided to put my excitement into today’s mani and throw a little enchantment and magic onto my nails.  Today’s NOTD is Cinderella inspired!!



I started out with 2 coats of SOPI (Sephora by OPI) So Totally Enchanted (3coats on accent nail), a very light silver frost with subtle blue duochrome plus gold and silver microglitter.  I usually don’t like semi-sheers like this one, but surprisingly I didn’t mind it!!  Maybe it was my ‘magical’ mood?  Haha =)




I proceeded with sponging of SOPI Step Off, Sister! on my tips, a mixture of blue and silver glitter in clear base.  I really really enjoyed this one, despite its grittiness even with a coat of SV!

I also stamped my accent nail with Sally Hansen “Plum Power” and using the BM-213 plate for the Cinderella shoes =)

So Totally Enchanted and Step Off, Sister! are part of the Sephora by OPI Cinderella mini-set of 6 polishes just released by Sephora.  It is available for sale for $24.50.


I hope you guys enjoyed this enchanted, fairy tale, princessy post!!  Thank you so much for reading and, again, special thanks to Karen for letting me entertain you guys!!! =)

Ok I want that Bundle Monster plate! I love how girly these are, I hope that Step Off, Sister! comes in a full size, because I want that too! I have to say that Cinderella is one of my favourite princesses and I think you did her justice with this sweet look.

Thank you Gosia!

Remember to check out her blog HERE

Have a great & Relaixng weekend everyone!



  1. hey!
    This is a very nice manicure!
    I like it!

  2. Ooooooooooh such a girly mani!
    ok, ok, not girly. Step up! LOL
    It's gorgeous either way!


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