Monday, 12 November 2012

Sally Hansen Ion With Coco Allure Bootiful

I'mmm Baaccck!

I know you guys enjoyed the AMAZING! guest posters as much as I did!! Thank you for commenting on their post on my blog. It means a lot :) Have I told you guys that you rock lately? I just want to say hello to new followers!  And to both old and new follwers: Thank you for following and commenting. It really does make blogging worth it! Thanks so much guys :)

Today I have my first-day-of-work-nails to show you guys. Well sort of, I never took a picture of the first few days when I wore Sally Hansen Ion on its own. The following pics are after approx 3 days wear. I took these pictures right after I applied Coco Allure Bootiful.

Sally Hansen Ion is a very light grey cream polish that applies really well. I thought it was a dupe for OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, but after I e-mailed Marta about it (and yes, I send e-mails about nail polish), we determined its a little to dark to be an exact duplicate, but for all intents and purposes is the same thing.

Coco Allure Bootiful is a super cool glitter, it has shiny orange and purple multi-size hexes and large matte black hexes (I'm STILL such a sucker for matte black glitter).  Did I mention that purple, orange and black are my fave colours!! I picked up 2 other glittery shades at the same time as Bootiful, and right now they are untried, yet I've worn and posted Bootiful twice... ummm....favouritism much?!?! lol


How do you guys feel about indie nail polish? I still love them! I've cut back alot on my indie purchases, so needless to say these Cocos were a welcome addition.

Thanks for reading & have a great week :)



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