Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Miss-Matched Mani

Hi weekend readers!

The mani I'm showing today, was a look that I submitted to Martas Skittlette contest, only to have my dear friend email me back saying that she cannot accept my entry. Turns out it is not a SkittlETTE manicure, but just straight up Skittles! Rules are rules and so I submitted THIS look to the contest instead of the mani below. (Click HERE to see the deserving winners!)

To create the above look I used OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, SOPI Caught With My Khaki's Down, Cult Nails Nevermore, Maybeline Bold Gold, MASH Plate 40, KKCenter HK Water Decals (you can see full review HERE)

Look at the shimmer in Dutch Ya!
And if you're wondering what exactly is the difference between a skittles and skittlette mani: skittles is all different, and skittlette is 2 or 3 nails the same!

Are you a fan of the skittle/lette look? I am certianly warming up to the skittlette trend these days, and I have been a fan of skittles for a long time!

Ok! On that note I'm out!

Have a great Saturday!



  1. What a fun and completely adorable mani, Karen! I love the water decals and your ring finger looks gorgie.
    I like the skittlettes because of the common color theme. Seems you can be a little more cohesively artistic.

    1. Thanks!! :D Yeah I totally agree with you on the common colour theme. I typically like to keep the finish similar too (Although I scrap that Idea as soon as glitter np is involved LOL)

  2. It's really lovely, bright and fun to look at - love it!

    1. :D Thanks girl! I had alot of fun doing this look.

  3. I absolutely love how cohesive this look is. In fact, when you first showed it to me with the water-decals I was reminded of my yet-untried water decal collection... and I will be referencing back to this post when I get around to showing mine ;)


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