Friday, 27 July 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Garnet Lapis

FIRDAY!! Yeah!

Hi everyone!

I got another Nail Prism for you guys, Garnet Lapis. I placed an ad on Freecycle last year and would you believe that one lady gave not 1, not 2, but 3 different Nail Prisms duochromes! That basically paid for the gas I used to go pick up the polish.

Anyways I won't waste another precious second that could be better spent polish gazing:
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Garnet Lapis
This is 5 coats on its own. Garnet Lapis is extremely sheer, but I wanted to see the colour shift & how it would look built up instead of just layered over black or dark nail polish. Now that I tried it once, I will be forever using it over a darker polish! It took forever to dry and it kept pulling the layer under it. Plus I don't want to waste a drop of this gift from the polish gods.

Sorry for the funny pose, I gotta get the colour shift somehow!
Ok sorry for the ridiculous hand poses, but I was really trying to get the duochrome effect. Garnet Lapis is my choice for "G" in the ABC Challenge.

 I was a little disappointed that it never dried on the bottom layers, so when my younest son woke up, the whole things just slid off. Well at least it gave me an excuse to do my "H" mani right after I calmed my baby down. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nicole by OPI Fresh Squeezed

Hello lovely readers,

Today my nail of the day is Nicole By OPI Fresh Squeezed, which is a sheer glittery orange nail polish. The glitters (glass flecks?) are orange and pink, and 4 coats are needed to achieve solid colour. The formula is a little runny and thin, but thick enough so the 4 coats were not too much of a hassle... I usually get pretty annoyed if more than 3 coats are needed to get a polish opaque and I prefer 2 coat colours (one coaters are great, but I still always apply a second coat).

Nicole by OPI Fresh Squeezed
Stamped using Konad plate M62 and Konad Special White Stamping Polish. I got pretty bad drag on my pinkie nail, bit other than that I'm happy how this turned out.

I hope you guys enjoyed my "F" polish for the ABC challenge. I have "G" & "H" all lined up and ready to go, so keep your eyes peeled for them too!

See you soon!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Joe Fresh Nail Polish Swatches Part 2

Hi guys!

Since I've started blogging, the number one search item to find my blog has been Joe Fresh nail polish. I've decided to add a part 2 to my orginal post with some of Joe Fresh's more recent releases. Most of these have been used as bases on other manicures already displayed on the blog.

Joe Fresh Fluo Blue

My only complaint with Furo Blue
 Wow-oh-WOW! Lets start this swatchfest right! This is truly a neon blue, not just a bright blue. My camera went hay-wire taking these photos, and got pixelated, but once I loaded them on the computer they looked fine. The formula was good on this, and lasted 3 days before I removed it. I used this as my base HERE.

Joe Fresh Lime Juice

A neon green JELLY! A very interesting polish this is 3 coats, and it went on smoothly. The formula was slightly runny, but nothing that caused any problems.  These pictures are shaded because in the light the polish looked washed out, and I could not get a true to shade photograph. Lime Juice is really a neon :). I used it HERE.

Joe Fresh Neon Pink
Like the name suggests, Joe Fresh Neon Pink, is a neon pink. This polish has very little going for it in my opinion. I chose this polish to wear when I went away for a weekend, but sadly Neon Pink didn't even last the first afternoon & started chipping in the car ride. The formula was streaky, and seemed to have settling issues because I thought it was about 4 shades lighter when I brought it. I gave it a good long shake, only for the pigment to settle again later that day. The ballz in my bottle keep getting stuck in the pigment sludge that gathers at the bottom too. Complete dud polish in my opinion. This is 3 coats with Seche Vite, no nail art with this shade.

Moving on...

Joe Fresh Papaya

I've showed you guys a swatch of Papaya in part 1  and wore it as a manicure HERE but I loved it so much I had to add it again in part 2.  Its so easy to apply, its so shiny, the colour rocks... I just can't get enough of it. These photos were taken on an overcast day. All I can say is if you see Papaya, get it! you will not be disappointed.

Joe Fresh Putty
Joe Fresh Putty, a little bit lighter than your run of the mill taupe-y purple shade. This one is light, clean, has a great formula and its undertone played nicely with my skin shade. I dented my pinkie right after applying top coat, I just re-applied another coat but that's why it may look a tad streaky. You can see Putty used HERE

Joe Fresh Pineapple
Joe Fresh Pineapple with Papaya
Pineapple is a discontinued shade, I got it on clearance for $2.00. Its a bright yellow with a small amount of barely noticeable shimmer, you can see it best in the first picture on my index finger. Its a good shade for summer especially this year with all the brights/neons popping up everywhere. Formula was ok, considering it's a yellow I'll give it a thumbs up. You can see how I used Pineapple HERE

Joe Fresh Onyx
Onyx for all intents and purposes is a black nail polish, but upon closer inspection we can see that it's actually a deep blue/grey. It was streaky on the first coat but completely opaque by the 2nd, no application issues with this polish. Full manicure coming soon.

Joe Fresh Denim

Joe Fresh Denim is a beautiful saturated deep blue creme, it doesn't read as a denim blue to me though. Its a very glossy nail polish, these pictures have a top coat, but only for the quick dry properties. The formula was like Onyx above, went on streaky for the first coat and evened out by the second. This baby is a stainer!  I believe this polish to be discontinued.

Joe Fresh Jade
Joe Fresh Jade, a wonderful jewel toned green creme. These swatches have no top coat, as I added another top coat (for another post). Please don't mind the dented pinkie! The formula on this one was dreamy and has decent drying time. Jade is a good name for this regal shade!

Like all brands there are hits and misses, but over all I do like the Joe fresh brand of nail polish, for $10 you can get 3 bottles of trendy shades with a workable formula. Defiantly worth a go if you see a shade you're interested in or been meaning to try (ie blues and greens are especially great from Joe).

I hope you enjoyed these swatches! I'll be back in the ABC Challenge tomorrow! :)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Sparitual Ebb & Flow

Hi Guys!

Happy Monday :) I hope that you guys are refreshed and ready to take on the week ahead! Today I have Sparitual Ebb and Flow for you guys. Its a great colour that also coincides with the letter "E" in the ABC Challenge (created by the sweet Gosia from Life In Colour). I showed Ebb and Flow on the blog before HERE.

SpaRitual Ebb & Flow

I stamped with Konad M56 and Konad Special White using a "french style" image that I reversed on all nails except my thumb. I added different size dots using OPI DS Radiance, Revlon Blue Lagoon and Sparitual Undercurrent. We are under another heat aleart where I live, and when I stepped out side the lens of my camera fogged up due to heat and the wee bit of rain that was beginning to fall. I felt like that it gave the above image a faded and little surreal appearance around the edge.

I'm still working on my stamping skills so please forgive the frazzle on the tips :)
Have a good start to the week and I hope to have another post ready for you guys tomorrow :)

PS Check out the other bloggers doing the ABC challenge!

Until next time, take care!


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond

YAAYY! Holos! Rainbows! Unicorns!!... wait! what the... ok maybe no unicorns...(Sorry guys)

My first holo on my blog :) I actually own a few holo nail polishes but for some reason am only posting my first now. Like every other lacquer head in the world I love holos, and I have a bit of a vintage baby for you guys today, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond. Its also my letter "D" in the ABC challenge. (please excuse the photo heaviness of this post... you guys understand right? Right!) Lets go!

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond

Fine here's your damn unicorn!!  (LOL)

(ok I don't know why typing that has given me the giggles... I think I need to get out more).

Bye for now guys!!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Essence Choose Me

Hello and Happy Saturday!

First I want to say thank you all for your kind comments. I have been away from my computer for a few days and was completely overwhelmed in the most awesome-est way from all the comments you guys left for me. So seriously Thanks everyone, you really made my day!!

Ok I realise that because I was away from my computer I have a bit of catching up to do on the ABC challenge. Today is letter "C" and I decided on Essence Choose Me (how can you NOT choose a polish with a name like that!?) (OH BTW if you're looking for OPI Catch Me In Your Net please click HERE)

Essence Choose Me
This has a lot of green sparkle that is just refusing to show up on my camera, in fact the whole shade is off in my pictures. I would describe Choose Me as a sheer dark blue with green and blue glass flecks. In my photos it comes across as light blue shimmer.
A little bit closer to colour accuracy, but still not there
Ok a little tinnnny bit closer in accuracy but I just can't get there from here... sorry
In the above swatches is 3 coats plus top coat, because I was pressed for time I added a nail sticker to my thumb, which started turning up-wards (blast) shortly after pictures were taken.

I want to add that I got this polish in my swap with Lauren from Belle Du Brighton blog (You should check it out if you haven't, she writes a down-to-earth blog about planning her wedding, her friends, her beauty and everything else) you can see what else Lauren sent me HERE.

Ok that's it for now, I'm currently getting my "D" polish ready and will write the post for that one shortly! After that I should be back on track with the rest of the girls... Which I should mention, don't forget to see what they posted below:

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Butter London British Racing Green


Today for the letter "B" I have Butter London British Racing Green.
Butter London British Racing Green
Ok guys in all honesty I straight up do not feel this colour, I tried to tell my-self that I love it like I did when I first saw it in the store... But I just don't. I wore this for the first time on St.Patricks Day and was unmoved then too (In fact I never bother to take a pic).  I'm not quite sure why I don't like it, but I keep thinking it reminds me of clothing and make-up from the 90's. Just not my cup of tea.

My dotting was done using OPI DS Radiance,which is the one foil to rule them all (IMO). I must have been working on an angle because all the dots veer slightly, lol.

That's all for today! Don't forget to browse though all the other posts below!

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