Wednesday, 28 November 2012

White With Stars and Glitter

Hey everyone!

Hows your week going? Mines been good, we have Christmas music on where I work now (its only 2 people, so we listen to what we want) it makes me want to buy some X-Mas CDs for my house... does anyone buy CDs anymore? Hopefully I can get 1 or 2 for pretty cheap!

My feature mani comes from earlier this month, it WAS going to be my birthday mani, but it never properly dried, and I scrapped that idea.

I used 4 coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! (the exclamation point is part of the name), stamped using MASH nail plate 49 and Maybelline Color Show Amethyst Ablaze. The glitter is Claire's Bedazzled.  I am not really sure what the deal with that star image is, but it doesn't scrape well for stamping. Small amounts of polish was left in the "white space" of the image and deposited on the nail. I am more than a little disappointed since I like this image a lot.

I love how Amethyst Ablaze is actually a purple metallic nail polish, instead of silver with a purple tint to it. 

I love finding great stamping polishes, and Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze is an awesome one. It's very inexpensive as well... a big bonus these days. I'm hoping to pick up the other metallics in the Color Show line, when they go on sale (metallic polishes are usually always good for stamping).

I like OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, its a heck of a lot softer then my other white np, OPI Alpine Snow. Dry time was an issue, but that is probably because I layered it to quickly. The top coat dried, but the bottom layers stayed wet, and the whole look was ruined when I got up the next morning (which was luckily the day before my birthday and NOT my actual day).

If you follow me on Twitter (@klenz85) you may have already seen the carnage:
RIP Stranger Tides
I found this hidden underneath my dresser, and all the nail polish that belongs in it, dumped (spilled) in my OPI box. I'm still not sure who did it, but my mother instincts are giving me a pretty solid idea who the guilty party is.

Have you guys ever had bottle of nail polish break before? This is my second time! Both happened this year too.

Have a happy hump day :)


Monday, 26 November 2012

China Glaze No Plain Jane (From The Vault)

Good Monday to you!

Anyone get some good Black Friday deals? I avoided going out, not for lack of shopping love, but 1) because I worked that day, and 2) I lacked the energy to pre-scope the sales.  I did peek at a few on-line polish retailers on my break at work, but because most deals were only listed on Facebook or Twitter, I missed out.

Today I have a mani pulled from my photo reserve to share with you guys. I took this in October.
I think this is 2 coats, possibly 3, of China Glaze No Plain Jane. Stamped with Konad M4 and Special Black Stamping Polish. Then I added loose glitter from KKCenterHK. (10% off coupon with the code: nailcall)

Light Box Photo
Photos taken in my light box caused the slight duo-chrome to disappear. This is defiantly the type of polish that looks about 100 times better in real life.

This photo was also taken in my light box... But I angled my hand to basically block out the light source. Direct light will wash this baby out.

Plain Jane on its own
Overall I really like this shade, but I should add the formula is pretty thin, and it does cause balding to layer underneath. I've seen a few people use this and the other colours from this collection for stamping over black... OMG WOW! They really pop! It's been on my to do mental list for a while now.

Let me know if you found any killer deals this Friday, I'd love to know what I missed out on lol! Maybe next year I'll muster up the courage to make a short drive to the States and see what the frenzy it all about :D Oh if you blogged about it, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Have a great start to your week & thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Birthday Nails!!!

Hi guys!

Sorry, I didn't want to take a long absences from my blog, but my boys were feeling under the weather, and I was getting a bit run down. You know how it is sometimes!

During my time away from blogging, we celebrated a few birthdays!! My baby Isaac turned 1... and I turned 27! Our birthdays are 3 days apart. Last year I was super worried I was going to go into labour on my b-day while pregnant with him lol! Thank God I didn't :)

Here's the mani I wore for our birthdays:

I used OPI Whats With the Cattitude, Sally Hansen Ion, and OPI Did it On Em'. I stamped using MASH plates 49 & 39 and Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue as the stamping polish. I noticed I smudged my nails right after my first few pictures :(

Pre-smudge :)
I am trying some new-to-me styles and different combination of accent nails. On the opposite hand I reversed the blue and green. It was a fun look! Quite a few bloggers I follow and love do all kinds of crazy awesome accents nails, I tried to channel their artistic genius in to this mani. I'd love to hear what you guys think of this trend!

Thanks for reading guys!

Have a great day :)


Monday, 12 November 2012

Sally Hansen Ion With Coco Allure Bootiful

I'mmm Baaccck!

I know you guys enjoyed the AMAZING! guest posters as much as I did!! Thank you for commenting on their post on my blog. It means a lot :) Have I told you guys that you rock lately? I just want to say hello to new followers!  And to both old and new follwers: Thank you for following and commenting. It really does make blogging worth it! Thanks so much guys :)

Today I have my first-day-of-work-nails to show you guys. Well sort of, I never took a picture of the first few days when I wore Sally Hansen Ion on its own. The following pics are after approx 3 days wear. I took these pictures right after I applied Coco Allure Bootiful.

Sally Hansen Ion is a very light grey cream polish that applies really well. I thought it was a dupe for OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, but after I e-mailed Marta about it (and yes, I send e-mails about nail polish), we determined its a little to dark to be an exact duplicate, but for all intents and purposes is the same thing.

Coco Allure Bootiful is a super cool glitter, it has shiny orange and purple multi-size hexes and large matte black hexes (I'm STILL such a sucker for matte black glitter).  Did I mention that purple, orange and black are my fave colours!! I picked up 2 other glittery shades at the same time as Bootiful, and right now they are untried, yet I've worn and posted Bootiful twice... ummm....favouritism much?!?! lol


How do you guys feel about indie nail polish? I still love them! I've cut back alot on my indie purchases, so needless to say these Cocos were a welcome addition.

Thanks for reading & have a great week :)


Friday, 9 November 2012

Guest Post: Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my opening says it all! :D

Today I have my last wonderful guest poster on Nail Call. I am super happy to have Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie say she would write a post up for me. I got to meet her at the Southern Ontario Blogger meet up, and she is every bit as sweet in real life as she is on her blog. I've really come to love some of her funky designs and fun approach to blogging

I can't wait to see what she sent me!!

Hi everyone! I am soooo excited to be guest posting on Karen's blog today! I’m Stephanie and I run the little Canadian nail art blog Sincerely Stephanie! I got the pleasure of meeting Karen at the Ontario Blogger Meetup this past September. Karen is such a sweetheart and I am thrilled to be able to call her my friend! I was so excited when Karen first asked me to create something for her, and I eventually settled on a trigger finger accent nail mani!

I’m a HUGE fan of accent nails and this combination was no exception. I recently got Barry M Raspberry Glitter in a swap and was dying to use it, so that was pretty much the inspiration for this manicure. I started off with Essence Grey-t To Be Here which has a hidden pink shimmer which is to die for. Just beautiful! I added Raspberry Glitter to my thumb and index nails.

Then I decided to the saran wrap technique with Essence Ultimate Pink! to create the almost watercolour looking pattern. I added a coat of top coat before it was fully dry so that the colours blended together a little.

Then I added two black rhinestones at the base of each of my saran wrapped nails to tie the black and pink glitter back together!

Accent nails are an easy way to spice up any manicure and I looveee rocking them! The trigger finger accents are also just too much fun!

Are you a fan of accent nails?

Thank you SOO much to Karen for letting me guest post for her while she gets settled back into work!
Whoa! Now that's just cool! I never heard of a trigger accent mani before, but now that I'm in the loop, look out! Trigger manis will be commin at ya soon. :) I love purple too, how did you know ;)  Thanks for sharing this edgy down town style mani!

Don't forget to pop over to visit Stephanie

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Guest Poster: Elizabeth From Life And Polish

Hi Guys!

Hows your week so far? Mine is going pretty positive. Wednesday I had a parent teacher interview for my son Matthew, and guess what? It went great! I don't want to sell my son (or my-self) short, but I will admit I had some pre-meeting jitters. Now I feel bad for my mom, because when she went to these parent teacher meeting for me, it wasn't all good news lol!

Today's guest poster is Elizabeth from Life and Polish. I met Elizabeth and her sister Katy at the blogger meet up I went to last month. I thought they were both really fun, smart and talented ladies. I was so happy that Elizabeth agree to do a guest post for me.

Lets see what yummy nails Elizabeth sent:

Hi my lovelies! My name is Elizabeth and I run Life and Polish, with my twin sister, who guest posts on Sundays! I am so excited to be posting over here at Nail Call. Even though I've only met Karen recently, I just love her! Meeting her at our Ontario Blogger Meet-Up in September was so fun, and I'm hoping we can plan another one soon, or I'll have to go visit my sister and visit Karen in one fell swoop! I'm so happy to be guest-posting, and showing off a manicure for you!

I really wanted to use my new Bundle Monster plates, so I stared at them for awhile, then finally decided on the rose design on plate 323. I used Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days for the base, and stamped with Revlon Gold Coin. I wasn't loving how it looked shiny, so I decided to mattify it with my N.Y.C matte topcoat and voila! I love how Gold Coin looks when matte!


I know this look very subtle and gives me sort of corpse hands (gold is not very flattering to my skin tone) I liked how subtle it was, yet SO many people noticed it and thought it was so cool that it was matte! I'm on somewhat of a matte kick, so I need to mattify this one as well!

Anyways, Karen I hope you have a good week back transitioning into work and thank you so much for letting me guest-post & I hope you all enjoyed my nails <3
Thank you Elizabeth!!! I enjoyed the nails a lot! I had to really LOL @corpse hands!! 
I don't own any Bundle Monster plates... But boy OH boy, you girls (I'm side-eyeing Elizabeth, Katy, Marta and Gosia!- just to name a few) are going to break me one day!
Thanks again to Elizabeth, don't forget to visit her and Katy over at Life and Polish.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guest Poster: Liesl From Liesl Love Pretty Things

Hey Everyone!
Do you feel better now that Monday is outta the way? I think I do! I try not to let the "Monday hype" get to me, but it does! I used to have a teacher in college that explained away all manufacturing or product defects as "It was made first thing on Monday morning or last on Friday afternoon"... yep! Pretty much sums up my operating efficiency!
I am super excited to show you guys today's guest poster! Liesl from Liesl Love Pretty Things. I have to admit that this post *almost* didn't happen thanks to a screw up on my part, and Liesl wrote up an ENTIRE new post!! How awesome is that??!?! I am beyond thankful to get not just 1 but 2 really great posts. I really enjoy Liesls easy going and fun attitude towards nail polish and make-up, but  also that she won't shy away from a down-to-earth, frank and honest discussion.
I'm excited to see what I get spolied with today :) 
Hello hello!  I'm Liesl from Liesl Loves Pretty Things.  Karen and I have done two challenges and this past October's Breast Cancer Awareness event together, and I've learned that she's not only got some gorgeous manis, but she's a pretty neat gal, too.  So when she asked me to guest post for her, I naturally said yes.

I'm just loving teal this season, and I've had the gorgeous Frida from Zoya's Gloss collection sitting around, waiting to be made spectacular.  The color reminds me of dark, icy wintergreen, and now that it's November, it seems highly appropriate (despite the 70 degrees we had yesterday, lol... but anyway...).  My very favorite collection of 2012 is OPI's New York City Ballet, and the beautiful glittery overcoat of the group, Pirouette My Whistle, seemed like a natural accompaniment to Frida. 

Two rights make an even better right, lol.  I just love these two together, they look so deep and dark and wintry gorgeous, like a clear winter's night, or a pond frozen over and sparkling under the stars. ;)
The Zoya Glosses are SUPER sheer, even for jellies, and just perfect for layering.  I used three coats of Frida, then one coat Pirouette My Whistle, and one more coat of Frida on top  The formula's on both are perfect, the easiest things to work with, ever, no acetone or cleanup brush required.

Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day!!

What a pretty combination! I am kicking my self for not grabbing Fredia when I saw it was Trade Secrets a few weeks ago!Is there anything Pirouette My Whistle doesn't make better? I have to shamefully admit that I have still never done a jelly sandwich. I love the way they look, so I don't know why I haven't made the leap.
Thank you so much for your post Liesl! I know how hard it is to write one post let alone TWO extras, I really appreciate it! Please go check out her awesome blog HERE.
Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? Did you remember to turn back your clocks Saturday night? Jon did the ones in our house, which is lucky because I forgot... Oh and no one told the baby, so we were up at 5:30-ish Sunday morning! FUN! :) Anyways Jon took Matthew (my oldest son) fishing and I got to have a lovely day with my baby Isaac. We baked pumpkin squares...want one?
Speaking of baking, guess who today's guest blogger is?! Essie Rae from i<3PrettyPolish . She runs a great nail polish blog which features some awesome nail polish (is there really any other kind?), comparisons, and only the most amazing homemade and hand decorated cakes ever! Here's the one she posted this Saturday 
Lets see what Essie Rae has for us today:
Hello! This is Essie Rae and I live over at I was honored when Karen asked me to do a guest post for her. I enjoy reading Nail Call and love seeing Karen's nail art. I'm always so impressed because I haven't taken the plunge with nail art yet...I'm too nervous, but it's tempting when I see what Karen comes up with.

I would like to share Zoya Natty with you. I bought this during one of Zoya's many awesome promotions. I think this was from the BOGO Sale. If you follow Zoya on Facebook, you will find out about their promotions first hand - so I urge you to follow.


I always love to quote Zoya when attempting to explain their polishes. The Zoya site explains Natty as a smokey deep steel blue with an opaque cream finish. It was perfectly opaque in 2 coats and very easy to apply - like most Zoya polishes.


If you are familiar with my blog, I typically show a swatch with part of my sweater in the shot. This time I decided to grab a pair of jeans for the photo. I think this is a perfect nail color to wear on a Fall day when you are in casual and comfy pair of blue jeans. I picture this manicure with jeans, a white top, and a cool scarf. That's my go-to casual weekend outfit as I have to dress up for work every day and look forward to wearing a pair of jeans.

Thanks again Karen for giving me the opportunity to post on your blog. Good luck on your first week of work!

Essie Rae @ iHeartPrettyPolish
Thanks Essie! This shade is amazing and is still sitting untired in my stash... expect to see it soon though! It sucks that Zoya doesn't included Canada in their promos, so I always miss out on them.

In honour of Essie visiting today I decide to share 2 recent cakes, Matthews 5th bithday and Jons 29th/Halloween party:

LOL this is really good for me and I was happy with how they turned out!

If you haven't checked out Essies blog yet, you can click here.

Thank you Essie for writing this post for me, I really appreciate it.

Have a great week everyone!



Friday, 2 November 2012

Guest Poster: Gosia from LIfe In Color

Hey Ladies!!,

TGIF! We are *thisclose* to the week being over! And MAN I am looking forward to the weekend! :) This pass week has been a series a little things building up and building up, I just want to unwind in a warm bath with hot chocolate. As a bonus I think the sun is suppose to make an appearance this weekend, which is cool considering its been MIA all week.

Of course I have another awesome guest blogger today! Our dear friend Gosia is visiting :D  Gosia has got to be one of the most including bloggers I've ever run across. She is always making up challenges and opening it up for everyone to join. To a beginner blogger something like that means the world! Shes also pretty damn awesome for inventing Thirsty Thursday too! She does her nails inspired by an alcohol beverage, and post the recipe so we can all get drunk do our nails together.

Hello to all Nail Call readers!  I’m Gosia and I also share Karen’s passion of nail polish in the form of a little blog called Life In Color!


I was thrilled to hear that Karen wanted me to guest post on her blog while she’s transitioning back to the ‘working’ life.  I don’t have kids but I can imagine how hard it must be to leave your little ones behind, even for a few hours, because you have to go back to work!  I really hope she adjusts quickly, and in the meanwhile you all will find her guest posts entertaining =)


Since Halloween is behind us, I am officially in the ‘get-ready-for-the-Holidays’ mode!!  I don’t know about you, but Christmas has always been magical to me!!  I love love the Holidays!  So I’ve decided to put my excitement into today’s mani and throw a little enchantment and magic onto my nails.  Today’s NOTD is Cinderella inspired!!



I started out with 2 coats of SOPI (Sephora by OPI) So Totally Enchanted (3coats on accent nail), a very light silver frost with subtle blue duochrome plus gold and silver microglitter.  I usually don’t like semi-sheers like this one, but surprisingly I didn’t mind it!!  Maybe it was my ‘magical’ mood?  Haha =)




I proceeded with sponging of SOPI Step Off, Sister! on my tips, a mixture of blue and silver glitter in clear base.  I really really enjoyed this one, despite its grittiness even with a coat of SV!

I also stamped my accent nail with Sally Hansen “Plum Power” and using the BM-213 plate for the Cinderella shoes =)

So Totally Enchanted and Step Off, Sister! are part of the Sephora by OPI Cinderella mini-set of 6 polishes just released by Sephora.  It is available for sale for $24.50.


I hope you guys enjoyed this enchanted, fairy tale, princessy post!!  Thank you so much for reading and, again, special thanks to Karen for letting me entertain you guys!!! =)

Ok I want that Bundle Monster plate! I love how girly these are, I hope that Step Off, Sister! comes in a full size, because I want that too! I have to say that Cinderella is one of my favourite princesses and I think you did her justice with this sweet look.

Thank you Gosia!

Remember to check out her blog HERE

Have a great & Relaixng weekend everyone!


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Guest Post: Jin from Superficially Colorful

Hey everyone!

Have a good Halloween? Ours was a little rainy... but that didn't stop my son and a few others from going trick ot treating. I will say that more than a few spirits were dampened lol.

Ready for more awesome guest posts? Today is Jin from Superficially Colorful, who many know as the Inlinkz hook up! lol. She has been so awesome when someone starts a challenge to provide the  code for our blogs. I've also come to know her as a fun and cheery blogger with lots of rockin indies :)

Lets GO! :)

Hello all of Karen's readers! In case you don't know me yet, my name is Jin. Nice to meet you! I am so honored to be posting here as a guest and I really hope you will like my mani idea. I decided to do a Jelly Sandwich for Karen's blog. But I didn't want to have the same Jelly Sandwich everyone is having, with glitter as a spread. I figured anything interesting could be used inside some Jelly coats just as well. And so I came up with this design:
Photo taken indoor with artificial lighting
I started with two coats of purple Jelly - Hot Purple by New York Summer. It's a beautiful purple jelly. Very sheer, but that's what a jelly is suppose to be. It has a gorgeous dark purple color that is built beautifully with every coat. Application is easy and smooth, the formula is just great and drying time is pretty quick. All the good things in one little polish. Then I used Kleancolor Metallic Purple and DRK-A plate for the stamping. I like the way Kleancolor Metallic polishes turn out in stamping but you should know that the dark colors (Black, Blue, Purple) are terribly staining. And not only do they stain the nails, but also my stamper turned all purple. I held my stamper in pure acetone for a while and eventually the color went off. But I was really annoyed by it. Anyway, the stamp did turn out nice on the purple jelly so I used the jelly polish to "close" my sandwich and added another coat of it on top of the stamp. I am happy to say it did not smear the stamp at all! I finished this design with a coat of Seche Vite fast dry top coat, not because it was needed but because I like to use one. LOL I have a feeling at least some of you can understand it too.
New York Summer - Hot Purple
Photo taken indoor with artificial lighting.
Photo taken indoor with artificial lighting.
Photo taken outdoor in direct sun light.
New York Summer - Hot Purple and Kleancolor Metallic Purple stamp - close up.
Photo taken outdoor in the shade.
Photo taken indoor in natural light.
I hope you enjoyed my "other" Jelly Sandwich. Feel fee to pop into my blog sometimes. I'd love to see you around! And THANK YOU Karen SO MUCH for having me! Yours, Jin


Thank you Jin! I love purples and I love jellies and I love them both even more when they are made into a sandwich and sent to me ;) Oh and that  DRK-A plate is on its happy little way to my house right now! :)

Don't forget to check out Jins Blog HERE.

Bye for now!

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