Monday, 14 January 2013

OPI Can't Let Go (Liquid Sand)

Hello & Happy Monday loves!

I had a super busy week this past week, and I'm sad to say blogging took a back seat... BUT I am happy to say I'm back with another Liquid Sand polish by OPI to show you all. Today I have OPI Can't Let Go from the Mariah Carey collection. You can see OPI Get You Number (the blue one) HERE
Can't Let Go is a vivid medium purple with blue glitter, large purple hex glitter and lots of texture. The light absorbing properties of this shade are really cool! It seems to draws the eye right towards it, no matter what you're doing. The purple is *that* universally flattering blurple shade that I personally LOVE. The glitter is still sparkly while the rest of the polish is matte. Instead of just blabbing, I'll let the pics speak for them selves.

Thoughts on the "purple one"? (Is it just me that can't seem to remember the names of these new Liquid Sands? I refer to them by their colour!). My personal opinion of these are the same as I wrote in the previous post; I think this is a fun and new trend, but will die out soon enough. For now I am having a great time trying out new and innovative np products, so I love it!... until I don't anymore lol.

Have a great week!!



  1. Can't Let Go was one of my favorite MC songs so I sort of feel like I have to own this based on that alone, lol ♥ Its a really gorgeous purple on you. I'm not sure how easily I'll jump on this year's big thing, but I do think it's very cool how sparkly these are in real life.

    1. Thanks Liesl! Its always hard for me to resist the next big thing, but this time I cannot see my-self going nuts and purchasing liquid sands in every colour (thank god!)

  2. Replies
    1. The purple is amazing in real life! If you don't mind the texture of the Liquid Sand, you will love Can't Let Go


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