Monday, 4 February 2013

China Glaze Water You Waiting For

Hi everyone!

Happy February! (whoa, already?!?!) I hope you all had a great weekend, did anyone watch the Superbowl? I did briefly, but I paid more attention to the half time show... I really loved Beyonce!

Toady's mani is the glitter bomb from China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil collection called Water You Waiting For (I love clever names like this).
China Glaze WYWF is a predominately blue glitter with purple and green though out. I am not a person who typically wears pure glitter, but I made a special exception for this exceptional glitter. To quote Chris from Let Them Have Polish "The sparkle is out of this world and complex"

Here's a pic in low light. The green and purple hidden within the blue in direct light, come out to play in indirect lighting. This is how it looks to me most of the time.

You see in these pictures 3 coats of glitter and 2 coats of top coat. The top coat did smooth it out for a bit, but even the 2nd coat of TC sunk into the glitter over time.

Yeah... the green in Water You Waiting For takes it to another level of awesome. Its my favourite thing about this glitter polish.
All the pictures taken inside my light box completely blended the green & purple into the blue base. Which is too bad, because all the different colours were very vibrant and glittery in real life. If anyone knows the best way to capture glitter on digital camera I'd love to know!

If you're looking for an interesting opaque blue glitter bomb, the Water You Waiting For may be what you've been waiting for ^_^ lol.

Thanks for reading, have a great Monday!!

Karen XO


  1. Replies
    1. *sigh* I totally agree! Then again I have a thing for purple and blue ^_^

  2. Now I kind of wish I had bought it while it was on clearance at my Sally's. It looks beautiful.


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