Friday, 8 February 2013

Gifts From My Little Brother!

Happy Friday!

Did you make it through the week in one piece? I did! and that's always a big plus sign :)

Today's post is long over due, my little brother (who, BTW, just turned 25yrs old a few weeks ago single ladies!) gave me 3 bottles of nail polish for Christmas and a set of Sally Hansen Nail Strips in tye dye. The only person who was brave enough to gift me nail polish! lol... at least that was the running joke at our house.

His choices were Sally Hanson Grass Slipper a bright-but-not-quite-neon green, Sally Hansen Good To Grape and lovely medium toned purple creme, the kind of purple that looks good on most people, and could pass as work appropriate in my opinion. And last but definitely not least Essie Set In Stone the beautiful silver glitter from Essie Luxe Effect line (already shown once HERE). I am impressed and very happy that my little brother made such bold choices in his colour selection.

This is one way  I used Grass Slipper:
Stamped with Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Cobalt and DRK-A XL plates (which truly are XL)
I love the vibrant and bright mix of the green and blue.

The formula in Grass Slipper is good but not great, I found that it has the tendency to streak or leave bald spots if the layer underneath isn't 100% dry. What you see is 3 careful coats.

Next is my mani using Good to Grape.

I used GTG as my base the stamped with Essie No Place Like Chrome using DRK-A XL plate. This manicure reminds me of dinosaurs eggs or something straight out of the the Flintstones lol. I loved this fun and playful look!

Please forgive the silvery particles floating around my cuticles. I found clean up really hard due to the extreme size of the stamping image I used.

And here come the bottle shots!-LMAO! when I originally typed that phrase, I made a typo and so it said "and here come bottle shats!" I had to share that with you guys, it was so funny when I re-read it!!

Was anyone brave enough to get you nail polish this past X-mas season? Someone obviously did for me, and I am so Thankful and happy they did! THANKS BRO! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by,

Karen xo


  1. Two gorgeous stamping manis - lovely color-combo's

  2. lucky you! it's a wonderful present :D the purple is beautiful and the bright green looks inspiring :) i can even see those two colors together in a manicure (with some silver added!) :)

  3. I LOVE Grass Slipper! I hardly use it but stare at it often! Your mani is great! Also I always LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos! They're so clear and color accurate. They make me long for a real camera lol!

  4. My guy got me nail polish, but I gave him a list lol! Your brother did so good though, I love the colours that he chose!

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