Tuesday, 12 February 2013

V-Day Mani #1: A Merry Valentines Day!!

Hello & good day to you!

I will be starting to post my Valentines Day manicures, so we'll start with number #1. I was inspired by THIS mani by the Nailasaurus.

This look is very simple and the exact definition of vampy in my opinion. Its red, dark & lacy, I'm sure it fits someones ideal Valentines Day description ;)

I used China Glaze Merry Berry as my base and Stamped using Konad Plate M 57 and Konad Special Black Stamping Polish.

Merry Berry is a beautiful vampy red, I've heard this colour described as Oxblood. The formula is wonderful and pigmented, but I got some cuticle flooding (my mistake- not a fault of the polish consistency) and due to the pigmentation It was impossible to clean up appropriately.

Here's a swatch of China Glaze Merry Berry on its own:
China Glaze Merry Berry pre-stamping.
A beautiful dark red, that could, possibly, maybe, look black in certain lighting situations but I think most people will agree its fairly obvious it's a red. I personally loved the way this shade looked on, it made everything around it look expensive lol. Its such a classy shade, I could see my-self drinking a glass wine with the colour on... and I don't drink wine...usually...occasionally... I had one glass last night... I have a glass in front of me now... and an empty bottle on the floor... JK! lol

If you plan on dressing up in black, I can totally see this polish finishing up your look quite nicely!

Thanks for stopping by today! Stay tuned for more V-day Manis!!

Karen XOXO :)


  1. This is so elegant!! Very pretty!!

    1. Thanks so much! Now if only I can pull my-self together to look as elegant as my nails!! LOL JK :)


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