Tuesday, 12 March 2013

China Glaze Budding Romance


I am sorry I missed my usual Monday post, but we just got wireless (ya welcome to the 21st century!) and it wasn't hooked up until after 10 and by that time I was too pouched to write up a post.

Anyways! Did you have a good weekend? I did! The weather was gorgeous in London! My dad came down for a visit to watch my oldest son play hockey, then we had a little pizza party afterwards...yuummm pizzzzaaa. The next day my sister came back over to visit again (we may or may not have done our nails)! Lucky duck Jonathon got to spend the super warm weekend fishing, so he also had a really good weekend. I think everyones cheery mood was a reflection of the beautiful weather.

Speaking of spring, I have my only pick from the China Glaze spring collection Advant Garden. The whole collection looks lovely, and I like every colour in it, but I also feel as if I've seen most of the shades before from previous collections/ brands.

China Glaze Budding Romance:

Its a murky light to medium green with a jelly-esque finish. I used 3 coats.
At first I didn't like the formula, I found it to be a bit thin. But by the second coat I was cool with it, its very workable.
I used Konad plate M73 with Konad Special Stamping Polish in Black, I added blue accents using OPI Eurso Euro.
Thanks for reading! Have a lovely Tuesday <3
Karen XO


  1. I have to be honest, I think that color is le worst, lol. BUT you made it beautiful and cool with your art. That vibrant blue is the perfect complement to it.

    1. LOL Def not everyone cup of tea! Ha! Thanks so much Liesl! I am glad I could turn the worst colour into something acceptable! :) Your comment is so awesome!!! TY

  2. I really like how this turned out!!

  3. So cool. The art made it a must have colour!

  4. Love this color!!!!!!!!!!!


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