Monday, 25 March 2013

Color Club Halo Hues 2013

Hi guys!

I'm super excited to share this post with you. Its Color Clubs Halo Hues 2013, I found the whole display at Winners, and you bet your bottom dollar I grabbed each one of these babies! I never saw the first Halo Hue collection there, but after looking at on-line swatches I think I would rather the 2013 anyways.

Halo Hues 2013:
L-R: (Top) Cosmic Fate, Miss Bliss, Kismet, (Bottom) Eternal Beauty, Over The Moon, Beyond

Cosmic Fate:
A soft neutral orange that leans pink when on. A very flattering shade.

Miss Bliss:
A bight magenta that pulls purple in some lights. All I think of, is this might be something an eighties Barbie would wear...  In other words, it`s pretty darn awesome! Strong holo in this one.

A silvery pale green with a good amount of holo. I do not see my-self reaching for this one often.

Eternal Beauty:
A hot purple! I've already worn this as a full manicure.I love the shade, I love its holo, I love looking at it close up . I didn't like how it looked on my hands at a distance, It looked like a bad purplely frost (which just no!). I'm not sure where I stand with this shade now, love it? hate it? Just kidding, I still love it!

Over The Moon:
Over The Moon has a very strong holo finish, but the colour of my lighting/light box pulls a bit blue, so in my pictures the holo got a bit washed out. Trust when I say it was one of the more intense holos of this collection. It's also a lovely aquamarine blue.


I LOVE black holos, this one a nice and dark. I have to compare it to Hits Zeus soon, but Beyond seems darker and less silvery. Formula also seemed better, if my memory serves me correctly, but I'll have to compare side by side to know for sure. Reminds me a certain private jet.

First of all I have to say I love how these are all so bight and holographic. I'm so used to seeing holos that are heavy on the silver, that its refreshing to see some beautiful brights. The holo was strong, mainly linear, with some scattered properties to the finish. These shades had a metallic feel to them (as many holo nail polishes seem too)

Formula on all of these were basically the same, lovely 2 coaters. They were surprisingly well behaved as far a holo polish goes.  I did not use Aqua Base for these, but instead used Revlon Nail Brightener, which I noticed has similar consistency. It worked great, I will need to try it under a more difficult holo nail polish to see if it really is a cheaper alternative to Aqua Base.

Are you guys as excited as I am about the once hard-to-find holographic finish popping up in places like Winners, and tons of nail polish e-tailers? We have such a selection to choose from now! and my wallet cries a little bawls like a baby every time I see a new assortment of holo nail polish go up for sale (I might as well just say straight up nail polish).

I made this meme for you:


Karen XOXO



  1. wow that's a lot of work swatching all those beautiful holos! Over the Moon and Eternal Beauty look great!

    1. Yeah it was harder than i thought it would be for 2 reasons: 1 its take a TON of time (how do some bloggers do that daily) and 2 I hated taking off a pretty before I really got to enjoy it! But I have to say it was still fun to play :) THanks for notcing the work I put in! :) They are indeed beauties :)

  2. They are so gorgeous - and I'm so happy to have all of them too :)

    1. Honeslty Maria, I skipped home with these! I've never seen a holo in the "wild" only on-line.

  3. Damn. I said I didn't want any but the purple and black...but thank goodness I saw them at the Winners near me as well!

    1. Phew! Did you get them then!!?? I hope so, they are so nice :)

  4. Oh Yaaay! How cool that you found these!
    I love to look at holo swatches- don't wear them all that often myself.
    LOVE this post. So glad you were able to spot them at Winner- Shop at all the Winners would be my meme/moto ;)

    1. Don't get me wrong I LOVE holos, but I do find the silver sheen they have at a distance a bit off putting... but then I look at them under direct lighting and BAM insta love :) Here here Marta!!! Shop all the Winners! indeed :)

  5. Wow...I haven't seen any of the Halo Hues at Winners in fact, there haven't been many polishes at the stores near me at all!

    1. NoOOooOOO! Thats thes worst, Winners is a little polish haven for me, they always have a little somethin somethin for me to look at. When I got these I saw OPI Crown Me Already along with a few other OPI gems (which I didn't get cus I was already spending to much $$$) Which area are you in?

  6. What do we want? To buy all the holos!!!! When do we want it? Whenever!!!!!! :D I'm so much hoping for a win in your giveaway, because I'm on a polish no buy...

  7. Did you have any settling issues with Eternal Beauty? My bottle is all silver on the bottom and I have to shake it like it's the end of the world for it to be uniform and then paint my nails. (I did a youtube video on this - my one and only - to see if anyone else had the problem and it seems like I got the only *bad* bottle) But I LOOOOVE these halo hues with all my heart nonetheless. Great photos you have!!! Thanks!!


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