Friday, 22 March 2013

Cult Nails Swatches

Hi everyone!

By the sounds of it most people had a crappy first day of spring, so I hope the fact that its Friday cheers you up! Today I have my most recent Cult Nails polishes to show you guys. I got these when Katy from Life & Polish put in a group order and got free shipping (ages ago!) a few weeks ago we finally were able to make time to meet up quickly on my lunch break, and do a *little* bit of polish shopping at the mall. (Katy! We still need to go shopping shopping!)

Anyways, there were the shades I got:
CN: Flushed, Princess, Discipline
Cult Nails Flushed:
This is 3 coats of pure beautiful purple goodness. It has vibrant hot pink shimmer! Flushed just sky-rocketed to top 5 purples for sure! I love this shade SO much. First coat went on streaky, 2 evened it out but caused some balding, 3rd coat made it perfect! I cannot stress enough that you need Flushed in your life.
Cult Nails Princess:
Another beauty! Princess is a polish that I strangely have been putting off buying FOREVER! I have no idea why! I love all  light  blue nail polish. Princess is extra special due to the pink shimmer in the base. Its hard to see in my pictures, I tried to turn up the vibrancy to show it off without making my hands look freakish. Here's a way better swatch. Again 3 coats, a little balding on the 2nd coat, but the 3rd covered it nicely.
Cult Nails Discipline: 
This is 3 coats, I wasn't crazy about how sheer this polish was. Its also dried a bit bumpy. With that out of the way, I like the strong blue and pink shimmer in Discipline. This colour has a bit of a modern "grown up" feel to it, if I need a office safe polish I will definitely reach for this one. I am very curious to see this polish layered over a black/dark grey.
What do you guys think of Cult Nails? I basically love them! My favourite polish by them is Nevermore, a wonderful black creme polish. Flushed may now be my second favourite Cult, its so amazing. The whole brand is really good, and you can check them out HERE. They have sales fairly often, so you may want to follow them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram ect.
Thanks to Katy who hoarded these for like ever! Honestly! lol :D
Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!
Karen <3


  1. I recently bought Flush in a blog sale, and I'm so happy about it!!

  2. These are all so gorgeous!! :D

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  4. I love Cult Nails! I just picked up the black and white even though I have plenty of other blacks and whites just because I like the brand so much.

  5. Oh look at that pretty red shimmer and glow in the purple one! And the sheer blue grey one is gorgeous in a more neutral conservative way. Soo sooo pretty


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