Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My OPI Euro Centrale Picks

Good morning,

Not to long ago OPI released its spring collection Euro Centrale, and today I'd like to show swatches my picks of the collection.

A Woman’s Prague-ative:

This is a super shimmery and ever-so-slightly-burnt orange shade. Its lovely on all accounts: colour, formula, sparkly shimmer, and a little touch of duochrome-ness. Shown here is 3 easy thin coats. You may get full coverage with 2 coats, but you would have to be careful. I wore this shade most of the time my broken nail was growing back in. I got lots of complements on the colour.

OPI Eurso Euro

Gah! this name gives me the feeling of marbles in my mouth, and doesn't sit well in my regular vernacular. Name aside, the shade is a knockout punch. its a dark neon blurple, with a good formula, shown here is 2 coats. I also got a few positive comments on this shade at work, people were digging the blue. Just as an aside, this polish smelled really bad, just sayin'.

Can't Find My Czechbook 

I feel like Czechbook was the pick of the litter of the Euro Centrale Collect. I've seen more swatches of this one than any of the others, and it was the main polish I was originally attracted to (I love me a bright blue!). Shown is 3 coats, I had some streaking issues with this one, not unusual considering how light it is, but it seems lots of people had better luck than I did. I will have to wait longer between coats next time I reach for this.

My Vampire Is Buff
So I had originally passed on this shade thinking it was nothing special... Boy was I ever wrong! (and it took a good friends e-mail to set me straight! ;) ). The day I got this beauty I put it on my mom nails followed by mine that very same night (with the same nail art too). I'm already itching to wear it again. The formula was good, but I needed 3 coats to smooth all streaks. The colour is a very light peach-cream-white that's just beautiful every way you slice it.

My top picks (...or should say: my top picks of my top picks... he he) would be My Vampire Is Buff & A Woman’s Prague-ative.  I just want to make a small note about Czechbook & Eurso, when I wore these as full manicures they lasted less than 12 hours... I was really disappointed. Meanwhile A Woman’s Prague-ative lasted 4 days with minimal wear. Now my Seche Vite is getting a little thick so I'm going to blame it on that, if I get poor wear the next time I have one of those 2 shades on I'll let you know for sure.

Are you getting any from the Euro Centrale Collection? Which shades did you pick up?!

Have a nice day friends!



  1. Love! I just adore this collection and Eurso Euro is my favorite in it. Prague-ative is stunningly gorgeous on you.

    1. Its a really well rounded collection in my opinion! I wouldn't complain if I owned the whole set! lol :) Thanks Liesl

  2. Great picks, my favorite among these 4 is Eurso Euro!

    1. I loved that shade too, unfortunatly the smell was rather off-putting and the wear time bugged me too (although that may have been the SV).


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