Monday, 18 March 2013

Two New Revlon Treatments

Hi Guys,

After a busy blogging week, for me, last week I wanted to take things down a notch, and share something that I picked up 2 Sundays ago, and honestly cannot get enough of. I got the Revlon Cuticle Softener and Nail Brightener with a 3 dollar off coupon at the Superstore.

Cuticle Softener:
The product is a thin blue gel with micro beads floating inside. You paint it along the cuticle and rub it in. Its not as good as, say, Lush Lemony Flutter, but I still noticed a difference while using it.

Smells strongly like roses, and I can pick up a little synthetic -ness to it, but it doesn't bother me at all, I love the scent.

Nail Brightener:

Ok so this is my new favourite product, I use it every day. Its a very sheer white, with extrememly fine blue irridences in it. This stuff makes my nails look 10000 times better. The formula is thick, easy to apply and leaves very little streaks. It dries shiny and hard. It works as a base coat at 1 coat or as a polish at 2-3 coats. Its noticable even after one layer on your nail. It definaly brightens.
2 coats
The next time you're somewhere Revlon is sold, I encourage you to take a look at their Nail Brightener and Cuticle Softner.

Have a great day!

Karen XO


  1. Interesting products, I'll definitely give them both a go if I ever come across them :)

    1. Yeah, and I just found out today that the brightner can be used as a aqua base for holos too! :) def check em' out when you have a chance.

  2. nice review .. i would definitely wanna check nail brightner

    1. Thanks! I now consider it my go-to base coat, let me know what you think of it if you pick it up.


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