Thursday, 2 May 2013

Article about Clothing Loves


A bit of a different style of post from me today. Just a lot of chatter about a store called Clothing Loves. I was recently contacted by and asked to write a short article about their shop for the chance to review some of their jewelry line. It sounded like a fair deal (if not a little unconventional, isn't it typically the other way around?) and I thought what do I have to lose...

So where was I? Oh right! is a wholesale retailer of inexpensive and fun dresses, wedding dresses and jeans. I browsed their site and liked what I saw, so I picked a few of my favourite items for this post:

Black Grid Pattern Summer New Fashion All Matching Women Vest Dress H6313
Find this dress HERE Its 8.99 US

Green Cat Pattern Short Sleeve Hot Sale Korean Fashion Chiffon Dress S/M/L JYFY2491gr
Cat Print Dress $10.84

Fashion Triangle Punk Necklace 11060489-326
Geometric Style Necklace $5.99

Dark Blue Galaxy Women Pantyhose Leggings LSJR468
Gallaxy Leggings $7,19

International shipping is available, and you can also get %15 off your first order if you tweet them, like them on Facebook or G+.

Please note I haven't personally purchased anything from this e-tailer yet, so I want to put a small disclaimer: Please use your discretion (as always while shopping on-line) when buying from a e-tailor. 

I encourage you to check out their site:

Have a great day!

Special Occasion Dresses
Cheap Prom Dresses


  1. hehe, I think it is usually the other way round! good luck, I hope you get the chance to review some actaul products.
    Wish I was a tiny size AU6 so I could snatch up a heap of bargains!

  2. just been to their website, you are right they have some lovely clothes and jewellery :) and I like the products you chose, it would be great to see them on you :)


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