Friday, 24 May 2013

Clowning Around with Marta from Chit Chat Nails! (a twin post)

Hi guys!

Its been a while since my last post, but I'm back with a bang(!) twin posting with my hugely talented friend and blogger Marta from Chit Chat Nails.

It seems so long ago (and trust me it was a while ago... the shipping took a FO.EVA) that Marta asked if I was interested in joining her Lush Lacquer Clowning Around order... Of course I said YES! And we agreed on doing a twin post shortly after.

For my side of the twindum I decided on a fairly simple skittle mani using all pastels.

Zoya Blu, Finger Paints Paper Mache, and OPI Mod About You

I stamped with DRK-XL Plate A using Essie No Place Like Chrome. I just want to say that I LOVE that Essie shade for stamping!

I added the star of the show Lush Lacquer Clowning Around to two nails as an accent.

Clowning Around was very thick, and it's best to use dabbing style application of glitter. Plain old painting on Clowning Around will cause balding on your freshly coated nails, as well will leave a sparse smattering of glitter... Dabbing it on with the brush works so much better!

Thank you Marta for placing the order for this cool Lush Lacquer Polish!! Also Thanks for being my twin for the day :)!

And thank YOU for stopping by today.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Oh this is a fun, bright and happy mani!

  2. Good to see you :) Mod about You is one of my favorites, and I like it how you combined it with those pastel shades :)

  3. I love this combo! I just wore Clowning Around recently and love it.


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