Friday, 3 May 2013

Essie Navigate Her with Glitter Gal Green Suede Shoes

Hello everyone!

Lately I haven't been in a nail art/stamping mood... I've been sporting fairly simple looks with very little embellishments, like this one with Essie Navigate Her and Glitter Gal Green Suede Shoes:

I've been removing Navigate Her and re-applying it right away... I'm kinda re-obsessed with this spring shade from last year. I actually think I bought it ahead of its time for me & my personal style, because I've worn it more times in the last few weeks then I have in the entire year I owned it.  Then again it is a spring type colour, which may explain why it's my newest Essie np crush.

 Essie Navigate Her is a beautiful pale pea green with the slightest bit of dustiness to its colouring. Formula is good, and I think I used 2 coats.

Essie Navigate Her worn alone

Glitter Gal Green Suede Shoes is a sheer green holographic polish. I don't know how it is on its own, but it worked beautifully as a layering polish. Navigate Her & Green Suede Shoes worked well together as a layering combo because they share the same spot in the green area of the colour wheel.

If you recall waaaayyy back to September I went on a little blogger meet up, I picked up the Glitter Gal from Katie while we were swapping polish. (Psst! TY Katie!) :)

Oh yeah! I forgot to add happy Friday everyone! The weather is supposed to be super nice this weekend, and all I know is someone had better mix me a colourful drink in a fun glass with an umbrella on top. *happy sigh*I love weekend, don't you! :)



PS: I saw this article about blogging and writers block on Tanis Miller. She writes a family/lifestyle blog, and is super talented at writing. Here the LINK if you're interested. I found she painted a very accurate picture of what (I imagine) lots of other bloggers struggle with, and I wanted to share with my readers/fellow bloggers.


  1. This is a really stunning combination!

  2. Lovely combination :)
    Navigate Her is one of my all time favorite nail polishes :)

  3. Wow - that is a gorgeous layering!


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