Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy (Pink) Friday

Hey everyone,

I wore OPI Pink Friday for the majority of this week just as it is. Its a really fun, light coloured, but still bright pink. I originally slapped it on with the intention of doing some stamping (leopard print..again :D) but I ended up feeling really happy how it was, and left it.

 This was 3 coats of Pink Friday, I had some streaking issues and needed the 3rd coat to even it out. I'm not sure if its getting chalkier with age, or I have a bad memory, but I thought this np shade was a easy 2 coater. Oh well! Next time I'll add thinner, hopefully that'll help!

Sorry today's post was a little plain, although stamping/nail art is on my mind, lately I've been lacking the energy to follow though.

Have a great Friday everyone, thanks for stopping by :)



  1. I love this color so much!! I am doing an instagram challenge and I am going to use this in my pastel mani!

    1. Good to hear! I can't wait to see :) I also really love this shade... and I'm not a big pink person either.

  2. It's a wonderful color.

    Thank you Karen.
    Irene from Greece

    1. I agree with you here! Its a great bright-yet-still-light pink, perfect for the short warm months of summer in Canada. Thank you for your comment!


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