Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bundle Monster 2010 Plates Review

Hi guys!

In April I ordered the Bundle Monster 2010 stamping plate set  for my younger sister. She has, ever so kindly, let me borrow the ENTIRE set for a couple of days months to do a full review on them. I've put off reviewing for a few weeks, and now I'm feeling the pressure to get this out there, since I have 2 more BM plate sets coming my way!

The Bundle Monster 2010 set has 21 plates, all contain a fun mix of full nail, french tip, and small designs.

Take a look:

Bundle Monster 2010 Plates 1-4 

Bundle Monster 2010 Plates 5-8

Bundle Monster 2010 Plates 9-12
Bundle Monster 2010 Plates 13-16
Bundle Monster Plates 2010 17-21
You can see 2 examples of recent manis using these BM plates HERE & HERE

Below is a random sampling of images I've wanted to try:

BM05 had decent transfer, but I dragged the imaged up when I added top coat. The rest of the images stamped on this hand had great transfer and crisp lines. All wins!

 Only 3 righties today! I destroyed both my pinkie and thumb setting up to take a picture, Derp!

A few of the images I picked for this picture was fairly shallow. BM13 I had to do twice, and the stars on BM21 (not shown) only came out partial. Otherwise the images were once again clean and crisp.

The shades used were OPI Uh Oh Roll Down The Window & Essie Penny Talk.

My overall thoughts on Bundle Monster 2010 set are:
Very cute set, great images! Some images are too shallow to transfer well in my opinion. All the full nail designs are very small. If you have a young person you can use these on, it would be absolutely perfect! (I'm thinking a 8-13 year old).

I would not encourage a beginner to pick this set up first, due to the possibility of shallow plates and awkward image size turning them away from stamping in frustration. However if you know in advance what you're getting when you buy this set, the potential is through the roof! Some designs in this set are just gorgeous.

I want to give a really big Thank You! to my sister Theresa for letting me keep her birthday present with me for the last 2 months!

Thank you for reading everyone! Have a great Wednesday.


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