Friday, 4 October 2013

Bundle Monster 2013: Create Your Own


Its HERE! My set came yesterday afternoon! :D SQEEEE!!

 I am of course talking about my Bundle Monster 2013 Create Your Own stamping set. I purchased this set the instant I saw it up for sale.

This is probably a good time to add that it only cost 16.99, and you need this set now. Seriously for 26 amazing plates, I don;t think you can go wrong.  I'm so excited to own this set!

Here are the pictures:
BM-401 to BM-404

BM-405 to BM-408

BM-409 to BM-412

BM-413 to BM-415

BM-416 to BM-420

BM-421 to BM-424

BM-425 to BM-426

See what I mean!?! The images rock! To the fans that created & submitted these images: I love you.

Here are 10 random stamps:

So far I've had good transfer. BM-406 is the image that gave me the biggest head ache, and its not even that bad! I haven't had the set long enough to draw any solid conclusion on stamp-ability and any shallow stamps that may be lurking in the plates somewhere. But if all designs stamp as well as the ones I used above, then BM 2013 & me are going to be REAL good friends these next few days ;)

I used Sparitual Ebb & Flow and Cult Nails Nevermore

It makes perfect sense that a company asked its buyers what they want, produces what they want, and sells it at a very reasonable price. I hope the bundle monster does well with this collection (and I totally foresee that they will!).

Ok that's it from me! Its super late here, and I still have one day left of work before the weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for more BM2013 CYO manis coming up on Nail Call!

Anyone planning to pick up the BM2013 CYO set? who rushed the site like I did, hoping to pick up a set?!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend.


PS links to Bundle Monster to come. Their site is down atm.


  1. Nice collection! The zipper stood out to me and thats the first stamp you ended up using on the pics of your nails! Lol

    1. This BM collection has a lot of plates that appeal to different styles, and that the biggest reason I love it. LOL how funny! I actually love the zipper too! Lots of bloggers use the zipper nail decal (which is so COOL) but I am happy to have the stamp image, reduce & reuse...right!? ;) !

  2. I totally rushed to purchase this set! So many awesome images!!

    1. I am so glad you did, you won't regret it, there are so many possibilities. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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