Friday, 22 November 2013

Comparison: OPI Snowflakes in the Air vs. OPI Servin Up Sparkle

Hello & happy Friday!

All I can say is hurry up and let the weekend begin! 

Today I have a little comparison I did between OPI Snowflakes in the Air (reviewed HERE) and OPI Servin Up Sparkle:
Base: OPI Russian Navy (my newest np crush)
Index & Ring: OPI Snowflakes in the Air
Middle & Pinkie: OPI Servin Up Sparkle

While the 2 toppers are the same colour of silver holo glitter, the over all composition is completely different. Snowflakes In The Air has large and medium hex glitter mix meant to give sparse, yet even coverage. While Servin Up Sparkle, has a mix of large and small glitters, and fuller coverage. OPI Servin Up Sparkle is meant to stand out and be noticed. Both formula's were perfection.

Bottle shots!

I see no reasonable person needing both of these, but if you love silver, holo, and glitter you may want both! If I could only stash one I would keep OPI Servin Up Sparkle, but right now I have plans to keep both.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!

Thanks for reading,



  1. They are both beautiful in different ways :)

    1. I completely agree! Both these silver holo beauties have a home in my Helmer.

  2. I had so many inky blues like (and including) Russian Navy that I finally decided to give my little sister one of 'em, lol. So yeah, needless to say, I adore colors like this :) It's really pretty on you, too. As for the glitter, I'd have to go with the fuller coverage of Servin' Up Sparkle. Makes me wonder how they compare with Witch is Which?.

    1. Yeah I also have a huge weakness for these kind of inky blues (well put!). How could you part with one :P jk. Humm good question, I don't have witch is which... but according to google images, it looks like it has fine bar glitter in it. Otherwise, its likely a close match to Servin up Sparkle.

  3. Great comparison post. This reminds me of those little picture humor things quoting "these are NOT the same shade" ;)
    They are NOT the same... close,... okay maybe identical but not the same ;)

    1. Haha I know exactly the image you're referring to! I wish I had thought of that! Um yeah, remember I said I was trying to cut back on keeping shades super close like these 2 are... umm I may have fibbed a little. I honestly couldn't decide!! :)


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