Friday, 1 November 2013

OPI Alcatraz...Rocks Swatch

Hello everyone!

How was your Halloween? Ours was wet! It poured down on my kids, but that didn't dampen their spirits! Jon & my sons got about a block, came back, and put Isaac (my *almost* 2 yr old) in a stroller because he wasn't ready to come in yet! Eventually the rain got the better of them and they came back for the night before 7:45, and we were done with trick or treaters by 8. It was a early night in my area. To be honest, I'm not complaining! More delicious left over candy for me!

Today I'm finally posting my swatch of OPI Alcatraz...Rocks. I'm calling it a swatch, but I wore this look for 7 DAYS. I didn't want to remove it! It was really chipped by the time I did. You've been seeing this shade in skittlette manis popping up here and there on this blog, that its high time for Alcatraz...Rocks to own the spotlight!

OPI Alcatraz...Rocks:

This is 3 thin coats, no top coat. Its a Liquid Sand polish, with tons of glitter in multiple shades. I see gold, blue, and purple predominantly, but I picked up other colours sparkling in there as well. OPI Alcatraz...Rocks is another shade where I really like the name.

Glitter rounds from OPI I Snow You Love Me... they didn't last long on the Liquid Sand base. Pinkie had a stud from Born Pretty added. That also fell off.

I owe my thanks to Scrangie & her review of this polish. It's because of her I purchased it! Up to this point I've gotten rid of most of my liquid sands (sorry the texture just isn't really my thing), but I'll be keeping this one hands down! If you were to only purchase one liquid sand, ever in your entire life, I'd suggest getting OPI Alcatraz..Rocks.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I met Batman and Hulk this Halloween! But they left before my kids could meet them too ;)
Hulk & Batman! 
Please read this cute text message from Thor to Iron Man it makes me smile! 

Thanks for stopping by & happy November 1st!



  1. So adorable, the little superheroes! One of my nephews went as the Green Lantern. That little text exchange totally made me smile, too :) And on to the polish... I think this is one of the prettiest textured polishes yet but I already have so many, lol... But it's soooo pretty!

    1. Thank you!! :) I love seeing all the little kids dressed up on halloween, especially the babies & toddlers (they always have the funniest costumes!!). I personally find a lot of the textured polishes are gorgeous, the glitter is almost always out-standing! But I can't do the texture thing for long (again this was the ONE exception lol). OPI Alcatraz Rocks, is so pretty, and if you can *squeeze* in one more textured shade I'd encourage you to get this one!! :)

  2. Very pretty color!! I bought it because of you talking about it in posts. I had to see it for myself. Cute boys!!

    1. Thank you!! *blushes!*... and?!?! Have you tried it yet? I'm popping over to your blog right now!!! :)

  3. Sigh been waiting for tthis! Definitely loving what I see here! Looks like I need to hurry up and get this polish in my stash! Along with a few more. And thanks for the comparison between 'real studs' and the glitter from OPI I Snow You Love Me - been wondering if I should get that for awhile now. ;D

    Hahaha!! Aww the boys look so adorable in their costumes! :3


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