Tuesday, 12 November 2013

OPI Top This Set

Hi Guys,

Today I'd like to show you the OPI Top This set. Its a gift set of 3 top coats: a plain one, a matte one and a glitter topper. I found this baby at Winners for $16.99, but have seen the MSRP listed at $26-$30 for Canadians. Needless to say at, $17, I purchased it! Its also rare that I see new OPI sets/collections at Winners before places like Trade Secrets. Usually, in my experience, Winners/Marshalls are a collection behind the most recent release.

OPI Top This:

Shown here is OPI Underneath The Mistletoe with Snowflakes In The Air & the Top Coat applied:

Snowflakes In The Air is a lovely topper containing medium and small hex glitter. The glitter is silver with holographic sheen, and applies with a medium density in terms of glitter deposit to the nail from the brush. It will look great over all shades, and perfect if you're not big on nail art.

The OPI Top Coat applied perfectly. I really like the Goldilock-thickness and how it flows from brush to nail. Its high shine is great too. As others have mentioned, this is not a quick dry top coat.

OPI Matte Top Coat:

Another winner in my books, the Matte Top Coat seems to have a low-drag formula (a problem I've encountered with other matte TCs) and great ability to actually mattify the polish (again another issue known to plague matte TCs). I'm looking forward to playing with this more in the near future.

The holo sheen from Snowflakes In The Air is no longer as evident once Matte top coat is applied, however the pin-point glitter within Underneath The Mistletoe really pop.

Here is a side by side comparision of the same look shiny vs mattifed:

Which look do you prefered?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Snowflakes in the Air looks like a gorgeous holiday polish! I like it glossy, it really shows off the deep red color :) But the matte top coat does do a great job!


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