Friday, 8 November 2013

Orly Black Pixel


And happy Friday!

Today I have a swatch of Orly Black Pixel. I saw this beauty at Marshalls, and was floored, how come I've never seen a polish that looked this amazing flooding the blog-o-sphere with images?!? I was definitely intrigued, so I purchased it 2...maybe 3 weeks ago? Anyways I finally got around to swatching it last weekend.

Orly Black Pixel:
Yeah... first thing that came up in my Google search of this shade was that its supposed to be textured... ummm no thanks. I was willing to over look the fact that it's textured because its so dam beautiful in the bottle, but I have a small handful of textures I love, and I don't want anymore (real estate within my Helmer is at a premium atm). On top of that, when I applied it, it never dried. and when it finally DID dry, it was not "textured" enough to be a cool trendy texture shade we all know, and not smooth enough to be a bumpy glitter, that may need a little top-coat to smooth things over . It was somewhere in between.

As fast as this shade came home with me, it left again. Black Pixel wasn't around when I took my stash photos (it was sitting in my purse about to be en-route to my friend).

There's another reason why I was a little annoyed with this bottle that isn't Orlys fault...
Really Marshalls?...

... putting the sticker right on the front label of the bottle? whhhhy?  :/

I promise I am not always so bitter, but this polish really disappointed me. *Sigh*you know what they say... you win some you lose some right? Orly Black Pixel is just not to my personal taste.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I am so sad you didn't like this polish. I like mine but I totally agree that it is so not a full on texture polish. I have glitter polishes that are more textured than the Pixels. I went a bit crazy when I got mine. Sally's had them buy one get one free and they were on sale for $2.99. I went just to get this black one and ended up with three extra. I have only used the black one but I really like it. I can't say love because there is not much texture though. Mine also was slow to dry! On a good note black looks awesome with your skin tone!

    1. I think I am just done with the whole texture polish scene. I like smoother styles. I can't believe you only paid $2.99! I paid more then $7 with taxes in, plus the store covered up the front of the bottle (wtf man!?). I probably wouldn't be so bitter if it only cost $3! lol. Thanks!


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