Tuesday, 31 December 2013



The past year has been a good year for me and my family and I will look back on 2013 with fondness. Its not just big and grand events that make a good year, but the little weekly & monthly events such as get togethers, parties, BBQs, and good friends make mine & my families life so much richer. Day to day with Jon and my children mean the world to me. A good farewell to 2013!

However I am very excited to see what 2014 brings... and its going to be my baby! Because he is still not here yet! Other stuff I'm looking forward to include buying a new home (our current house is too small for a family of 5) and a bigger car/SUV/or most likely a van. I will of course be returning to work full time at the end of the 2014 year.

That was just a little snippet of my personal life. In blogging, I am planning on taking January off, but I've been prepping posts and scheduling them to keep my blog active while I'm away. I currently have a small stockpile, and I should be able to get 4 posts a week if I can squeeze in a one or 2 manis here and there before the baby arrives.

Back to nails, here's another New Years Eve look created using Moon Sugars New Year's Eve decals:

To create the look above I used the following:
Finger Paints Paper Mache (base)
China Glaze Fairy Dust (Glitter)
OPI Alcatraz Rocks (Pinky, with top coat added)
Moon Sugar New Years Eves decals (Provided for review)
Diamond shaped glitter from an Essence pack (purchased at SDM)

You can see all my Moon Sugar reviews HERE

I LOVE the dancing crew! I love them so much! I can really see my-self pulling out these out after new years again, just to get at these little dancers. They even look really happy (and maybe a little drunk), and that's a feat considering they're stick people. Reminds me of this meme:

Thank you so much for reading over the last year!

I look forward to resuming live posts in about a month.



  1. This mani is absolutely ADORABLE! I love the stick figures that are partying on your nails XD

    1. Thank you!! Hahaha They are great! The guy in the middle kills me.

  2. This is so cute, cool, wonderfully vibrant, colorful, and out if the ordinary!! Great job, girlie :) Happy New Year to you and your growing family. <3

    1. And omgosh... That guilty as sin stick figure... Roflolol XD

    2. Thank you Liesl!! :D IKR! He totally did it! lol Thanks again & have a wonderful new year!


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