Sunday, 30 June 2013

Turquoise, Chevron with Red, Plus an Announcement

Hi guys!

So I realise I haven't blogged in a loooonnng time (I'll touch more on that below), and I let my nails get out of control. I'm working on getting it back together, and hope to be a better blogger.

For today, which is Canada Day here! (Sadly no Canada Day nail art... so you may want to take a look at this one I did for the Where in the World Challenge) I've had this colour combination I've wanted to put together for a while, turquoise with chevron (based off THIS look) with coral red.

I used Zoya Wednesday, Fingerpaints Paper Mache, OPI Gal Meets Galveston, and MASH plate 45. The water decal bows were added as an after thought when I was done the mani... I'm not sure it was the best idea for the over all look, but... anyways, I purchased them from KKCenterHK.

I will be wearing this look for the whole long weekend (yep bows and all) although I may be tempted to switch those nails up.

Moving on, I wanted to share with you guys why I haven't been around as much as I'd love to be... take a look:

Number 3 :)
 I'm super happy to let you all know that Jon and I are pregnant with baby #3. It took us way longer than we hoped to get pregnant, but in March it finally happened! The ultra sound is at 9.5 weeks (and still looks a little strange LOL) I'm starting my 15th week now.

The ONLY sad thing I've been experiencing is a repulsion to the smell of nail polish. I cannot stand it at the moment, it didn't bother me while I did the above look, so I am hoping that *lovely* trait moves on quickly!

And that's all from me :D Thank you all for sticking around.

Have a great day!

Oh! Edited to add: I guess Google Reader ends today (? I live under a rock much?lol), please feel free to follow Nail Call through Twitter, Bloglovin, Pinterest, ect. All links are on the right hand side.


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