Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bright Red Skittlette

Hey there!

Todays mani is what you get when I have a rare opportunity to just "play" with polish, I had a few of these bottles out, and I created this skittlette on the fly.

Bright Red Skittlette:

I used the following:
OPI My favorite Ornament (gold)
Sparitual Poppy (red)
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Moon Sugar Decal (provided for review)
Cult Nails Nevermore

This isn't the first time I paired red, white, gold and black together... actually this look from early September used almost all the same polishes as above :)

Please check out last weeks review on the Frangipani Flower Decal from Moon Sugar.
The decal is almost seamless with top coat applied, and from any distance its completely invisible.

Moon Sugar offers a 25% off code for Nail Call readers: 25NAILCALL
Ok now I'm changing the topic just a little:

I would just like to remind/ask you to please vote for your favourite mani in the Holiday Nail Art Challenge.

Check out all the stunning Snow themed entries HERE

If you are interested in signing up, you still can HERE

You can see my entry HERE

I truly appreciate all of the support I can get, and thank you so much if you happened to voted for mine.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nail Polish Canada 2nd Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Week 1


I'm really excited to let you know I was invited by to participate in their 2nd Holiday Nail Art Challenge. After watching many of my blogger friends in last years competition, I eagerly jumped aboard to join in this years challenge!

Week 1's theme is snow! It's so fitting because here in Southern Ontario (where I live) we recently got a massive dumping of it over the weekend. My small town escaped fairly untouched compared to other towns aprox. 1/2 hour to 45 mins away, they got about 18 inches in one night. That's Canada eh?

Week 1: Snow
To create the above look I used the following:
Zoya Sailor (base)
OPI Snowflakes In The Air  
Color Club Harp On It (used as stamping polish)
Konad M59

This is a very simple and somewhat typical snow themed manicure. I love snowflake patterns, and over a dark base they stand out well, its easy to see why there have been many similar looks in the past. Here's a version I did last year.
This is also the 2nd day in a row I've used Zoya Sailor. Its a beautiful 2 coater blue creme that leans ever so slightly towards purple. Absolutely flawless shade.  

Close up:

In case you were curious, here is what the mani looked like without OPI Snowflakes in the Air:
If you are interested in checking out the other entries & voting for your favourite, I encourage you to do so HERE. If your favourite happens to be mine then... Thank you! You're awesome :D

Also if you would like to participate in the challenge, please sign up HERE, the more the merrier! :)

Thanks for visiting.


Monday, 25 November 2013

KKCenterHK Review: 1.5mm Circular Studs


How was everyone weekend? Good I hope!

On Friday I had the pleasure of going to my 2 year old sons, Isaac's, Christmas party, and got to watch all the kids sign a few Christmas songs. Of course Isaac sat up on stage terrified the whole time! He also had a huge melt down when we visited Santa. It was "adorable" ^.^'... yep that screaming kid having a melt down on Santa knee... That'd be mine!

Another huge thing (for me) is Jon and I went to see Catching Fire... or "Hunger Games 2" in theatres. We rarely ever go out to the movies, and I was dying to see this. It was so good! If you liked the first movie, you'll like this one. And oh my god I cried, probably 8 different times... and spoiler (kinda): If you read the book, you're going to cry in the first 10 mins! I could tell the random lady sitting next to me was a fan because her and I were both crying at all the same parts. All I can tell you is read the books, then go see it!

Today I'd like to share my review for KKCenterHK 1.5mm Circular Studs:
 To create the above look I used:
Zoya Sailor
KKCenterHK 1.5mm Studs (provided for review)

To apply the studs you need to have a semi-wet base of polish, or nail art glue, and a dotting tool/toothpick dipped in clear nail polish to pick up the studs. Then you simply place the stud on the tacky polish, where it should stay, and keep adding for the desired effect. When you have all studs in place, add a layer of top coat to seal the deal.
You can find the Studs HERE for $3.81. Feel free to use 10% coupon: nailcall.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping in!


Friday, 22 November 2013

Comparison: OPI Snowflakes in the Air vs. OPI Servin Up Sparkle

Hello & happy Friday!

All I can say is hurry up and let the weekend begin! 

Today I have a little comparison I did between OPI Snowflakes in the Air (reviewed HERE) and OPI Servin Up Sparkle:
Base: OPI Russian Navy (my newest np crush)
Index & Ring: OPI Snowflakes in the Air
Middle & Pinkie: OPI Servin Up Sparkle

While the 2 toppers are the same colour of silver holo glitter, the over all composition is completely different. Snowflakes In The Air has large and medium hex glitter mix meant to give sparse, yet even coverage. While Servin Up Sparkle, has a mix of large and small glitters, and fuller coverage. OPI Servin Up Sparkle is meant to stand out and be noticed. Both formula's were perfection.

Bottle shots!

I see no reasonable person needing both of these, but if you love silver, holo, and glitter you may want both! If I could only stash one I would keep OPI Servin Up Sparkle, but right now I have plans to keep both.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Moon Sugar Decals: Breast Cancer Awareness


Today I have my review of  Moon Sugar Decals Breast Cancer Awareness  Decals to share with you. You can see my first 2 styles and reviews: HERE and HERE. I've so far had very good experience with Moon Sugar and their product.

Breast Cancer Awareness:

To create the above mani I used the following:

OPI My Favorite Ornament
OPI Pink Friday
OPI Don't touch My Tutu
Moon Sugar Breast Cancer Awareness Decals (provided for review)

To apply the decals you need to cut out the shape, soak in water for 30 seconds, slide off backing paper and apply to dry nails & seal it all in with a coat of top coat. Its dead easy with virtually no clean up. I can't say it enough how much impact and wow water decals provide for minimal effort... the wow to effort ratio? LMAO

To soften up the over all look, I ended up choosing OPI Don't touch My Tutu as my base for the decals instead of my usual OPI My Boy Friend Scales Walls. It was a great choice of base for the sheer BCA Decals.

Unlike the other 2 styles of Moon Sugar Decals the BCA decals were smaller, and was able to get them to fit comfortably on my entire nail. I would not want to go longer then this style.

Information from Moon Sugar:
25% off Code:
25% off code for Nail Call readers: 25NAILCALL

Custom Orders:
Looking for something you can't find on the site? No Problem. We love custom orders and will be happy to help you out!

Visit Us:

Follow Moon Sugar:

Thank so much stopping by! Have a great day.


Monday, 18 November 2013

Born Pretty Review: 2mm Quadrate Glitter Rhinestone


Sorry I missed Mondays post everyone. I was feeling under the weather over the weekend, plus I held a birthday party for my now 2 year old son Isaac. Before I knew it the weekend was over... I've said it before,  and I'll probably say it again: time keeps getting away from me! On another note, its now basically one month until the new baby arrives... YIKES! I think I'm busy now LOL!

Today I'd like to share a really simple look I did to showcase Born Pretty Store 2mm square Rhinestones provided to me for review:

I used the following:
OPI Whats With the Cattitude (base)
Born Pretty:  2mm Quadrate Glitter Rhinestone (provided for review)

I found the stones to be a perfect size, as a rule of thumb I always prefer my nail art decorations to be 2mm in size. And while I only used the silver here, I loved the variety of colours I can choose from in the wheel.

You can pick up the rhinestones using a dotting tool or toothpick dipped in clear nail polish. Then apply the stones with nailart glue or drop them on wet polish, which is what I've done here. I top the whole thing off with top coat to seal in the stones, to help prevent them from getting caught on stuff.

You can find the 2mm Quadrate Glitter Rhinestone HERE
For an additional 10% off feel free to use my code: ECJ61

Born Pretty is also running a promotion on their blog, where you can win your favourite 3D nail decoration. Check it out HERE, my personal faves are number 6 and number 10 (turtles!). The Born Pretty Store official %10 off coupon code is: GPL91.

Thanks so much for reading!

Have a great day,


Friday, 15 November 2013

Hey everyone!

Excited for the weekend?

Tomorrow my youngest son turns 2 years old...Holy! where does time go? We're having a little party for him to celebrate his big day. I really love toddler birthdays, and I expect this one to be a lot of fun for him.

Today I would like to show a birthday mani I created just for my big boy Isaac!

I used:
OPI Russian Navy (base)
Color Club Eternal Beauty (stamping)
DRK-B (ruler-plate)

OPI Russian Navy is a classic OPI shade thats new to my helmer. This stunning shade has a cult-like following among nail-addicts and its easy to see why. I've heard so much about it over the years, I have no idea why I never purchased it in the past. Its absolutely everything a blue, purple, or vampy polish lover could ever hope to find in a nail polish. Russian Navys blurple colouring and gorgeous fine-milled shimmer speak volumes to me. 2 coats is all you need, and dry time is decent (I didn't add any quick dry top coat prior to stamping, and nothing budged). It look like it would also be good for stamping, but I haven't tested it out yet.

Happy Birthday to my silly little man!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thank you for stopping by,


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Moon Sugar Decals Review: Red Frangipani Flower

Hello everyone!

I'm really happy to be sharing this post with you today. Today of course, being my my 28th birthday as well as my 2nd review for Moon Sugar decals.  I previously reviewed Moon Sugar Bloody Hands HERE. Right now I'd like to show you the Red Frangipani Flower Style, which to me just screams summer, warm beaches, sun, tropical destinations....ahhh so nice... Did I mention we're having a blizzard right now in my neck of Canada?! I'll take all the beach I can get!

I used the following:
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Moon Sugar Decal in Red Frangipani Flower (provided for review)
Essie Nothing Else Metals (Stamping)

The decals come on a large sheet of 28, and need to be cut out according to size. As I mentioned in my last review, these decals run a bit large for my nubs, and I need to use clippers to get them to fit my nails.

Once sized properly, they work like a dream. You need to soak them in water for a few seconds, slide off paper backing, and apply to dry nail polish. Top the whole nail with top coat and Bobs your uncle! Striking and beautiful nail art. You guys know I'm such a sucker for water decals, thanks to their low maintenance application, and stunning end results. 

Note: that these decals are not backed in white, so its recommended to be used over a light polish.

Thank you so much for reading!

Go check out Moon Sugar  & their great range of decals. They also do customs orders if you don't see exactly what you're looking for. From my personal experience they'll do everything they can to get it right. They're truly a wonderful company to deal with. 

Information from Moon Sugar:
25% off Code:
25% off code for Nail Call readers: 25NAILCALL

Custom Orders:
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

OPI Top This Set

Hi Guys,

Today I'd like to show you the OPI Top This set. Its a gift set of 3 top coats: a plain one, a matte one and a glitter topper. I found this baby at Winners for $16.99, but have seen the MSRP listed at $26-$30 for Canadians. Needless to say at, $17, I purchased it! Its also rare that I see new OPI sets/collections at Winners before places like Trade Secrets. Usually, in my experience, Winners/Marshalls are a collection behind the most recent release.

OPI Top This:

Shown here is OPI Underneath The Mistletoe with Snowflakes In The Air & the Top Coat applied:

Snowflakes In The Air is a lovely topper containing medium and small hex glitter. The glitter is silver with holographic sheen, and applies with a medium density in terms of glitter deposit to the nail from the brush. It will look great over all shades, and perfect if you're not big on nail art.

The OPI Top Coat applied perfectly. I really like the Goldilock-thickness and how it flows from brush to nail. Its high shine is great too. As others have mentioned, this is not a quick dry top coat.

OPI Matte Top Coat:

Another winner in my books, the Matte Top Coat seems to have a low-drag formula (a problem I've encountered with other matte TCs) and great ability to actually mattify the polish (again another issue known to plague matte TCs). I'm looking forward to playing with this more in the near future.

The holo sheen from Snowflakes In The Air is no longer as evident once Matte top coat is applied, however the pin-point glitter within Underneath The Mistletoe really pop.

Here is a side by side comparision of the same look shiny vs mattifed:

Which look do you prefered?

Thanks for reading!


Monday, 11 November 2013

Remembrance Day Poppies

Hi guys,

Since today is remembrance day I did an inspired look. My mani is a very small tribute to our brothers, using, of course, the Poppy. I revisited this look I did not to long ago, and created a new version of the water coloured poppies.

My Remembrance Day mani:

I used the following:
OPI My Boy Friend Scales Walls (base)
OPI Whats With The Catitude? (sponged on my tips)
OPI Jade Is The New Black (leaves)
Sparitual Poppy (Poppies)
Cult Nails Nevermore (center of poppies)
Pure Acetone for water colour effect

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a great day.


Friday, 8 November 2013

Orly Black Pixel


And happy Friday!

Today I have a swatch of Orly Black Pixel. I saw this beauty at Marshalls, and was floored, how come I've never seen a polish that looked this amazing flooding the blog-o-sphere with images?!? I was definitely intrigued, so I purchased it 2...maybe 3 weeks ago? Anyways I finally got around to swatching it last weekend.

Orly Black Pixel:
Yeah... first thing that came up in my Google search of this shade was that its supposed to be textured... ummm no thanks. I was willing to over look the fact that it's textured because its so dam beautiful in the bottle, but I have a small handful of textures I love, and I don't want anymore (real estate within my Helmer is at a premium atm). On top of that, when I applied it, it never dried. and when it finally DID dry, it was not "textured" enough to be a cool trendy texture shade we all know, and not smooth enough to be a bumpy glitter, that may need a little top-coat to smooth things over . It was somewhere in between.

As fast as this shade came home with me, it left again. Black Pixel wasn't around when I took my stash photos (it was sitting in my purse about to be en-route to my friend).

There's another reason why I was a little annoyed with this bottle that isn't Orlys fault...
Really Marshalls?...

... putting the sticker right on the front label of the bottle? whhhhy?  :/

I promise I am not always so bitter, but this polish really disappointed me. *Sigh*you know what they say... you win some you lose some right? Orly Black Pixel is just not to my personal taste.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Neutral & Black Skittlette,


Todays nail art post is a quick free handed design on a skittelette I did using a Fing'rs Heart 2 Art nail art set I got from Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. I saw quite a few different versions of this set, but I got the one that spoke loudest to me. I also wanted a chance to test out Zoya Maria Luisa, a pretty gold coloured flakie topper.

Neutral & black skittelette:
I used the following:
OPI San Tan-tonio
Zoya Maria Luisa
Black stripping polish
Fing'rs art set

Zoya Maria Luisa is simply beautiful. My light box is too cool to capture her true beauty, but she really brings warm shades to life. Its perfect for fall right now, and I can see it looking great on deep burgundy, browns, even burnt orange shades. The formula is a little thick, but in a this-is-a-flakie-polish kind of way. It has the typical flakie consistency. One coat is more then enough to get "full" coverage (over a separate base shade).

As you can see I used the black triangles & gold sequins. I have no beef with the black triangles, they're really cool. But the gold glitter bleeds... boo! Otherwise, the set works just fine. You pick up the individual piece with a dotting tool/tooth pick/pin dipped in clear top coat, place on wet, damp or dry nail polish(with a little dab of clear np), and top coat the entire nail.

I haven't tried the studs that came with the set yet, but they look good!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Moon Sugar Decals Review: Halloween Hands


Today I have the pleasure of reviewing some decals from Moon Sugar Decals. They very kindly provided me with 3 different styles of water decals to review, including one Halloween themed (seriously folks, their e-mail to me was so sweet!). Unfortunately these arrived at my door Friday Nov 1st, so I missed Halloween by a day. Buuuut due to the fact that the decals are pretty awesome I decided to squeak in one last Halloween inspired look(5 days late!) before going full fledged holiday manis.

Halloween Inspired Mani using Moon Sugar Decals:

I used the following:
OPI My Boy Friend Scales Walls
Moon Sugar Decals in Bloody Hand Print (Provided for review)

Tres Blair Witch Project, no?

Moon Sugar Decals work the same as all other water decals: cut them out, soak in water, slide off and apply to dry nails. They are not backed in white so you're encouraged to use them over a light base polish (as I did here with My Boy Friend Scales Walls). This ended up working well for my mani, as it allowed me to reverse the direction of the hands thumbs by applying the decal "up-side-down" (because they're all the same hand). Thanks to the clear backing on these decals, it made no difference.

They lay perfectly flat underneath a layer of top coat.
High Level Detail
I personally LOVE water decals, they're easy to use, you have no mess, and the results are always so dramatic! Moon Sugars are no different, plus you get a lot in a package.

My only minor criticism is, is that the decals are very large. I recently had a bad break in one of my nails & had to file down to nubs. Even placed on an angle decal needed to be cut to size (just the "drip" portion) to fit on my (admittedly nubbed down) nail. Again that's not really Moon Sugars fault, and the product works exactly as it should, but some size variance would be nice.

Information from Moon Sugar:
10% off for new customers:
Use 10PERCENT1STORDER for 10% off your first purchase of $25 or more (Expires December 31st, 2013).

Custom Orders:
Looking for something you can't find on the site? No Problem. We love custom orders and will be happy to help you out!

Visit Us:

Follow Moon Sugar:

I also recieved a 25% off code for readers: 25NAILCALL

Thanks so much for reading. Please don't forget to pop over to Moon Sugar!

Have a great day!


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