Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bundle Monster 2012 Plates Review

Hi guys!

This review is a little late coming to you, as I've had the Bundle Monster 2012 set for a few months now. I purchased the 2012 set at the same time I got the 2013 CYO set. I wanted to give it a full and proper review before putting it in my regular stamping plate rotation.

The Plates:

Plate BM-308 appears to have had some kind of alignment issue during the engraving process. Its images are off centre, and low. 

BM-310, BM-312, BM-313 and BM-320 all are slightly warped, they don't sit 100% flat as the others do. Using a scrapper on the images worked fine, and so far had no transfer issue. 

To get an idea on how well these images transfer, I stamped 10 random images (including some from the warped plates) on all my fingers. The base polish is L'Oreal Orange You Jealous, the stamping polish is Finger Paints Paper Mache: 
Every image I choose here worked beautifully. All details and fine lines transferred with no issue. 

All images had great transfer. BM-320 (the dolphin) seemed to be engraved extra deep, therefor the white stamp was way more vibrant. The lips on BM-303 surprised me with how large the image actually was.

I feel confident saying that the images in this set will transfer well.

I am most excited to try out BM-311.While I really like many of the images in the 2012 offerings, BM-311 was plate that sold me on this set. Of course it's still untried, but I didn't want to "waste" my first use on a sample stamp lol.

This set retails at $21.99, while by comparison the 2013 set retails for $16.50, the 2010 revised set retails for $17.99. The cost is the same as the 2011 & Holiday set.

Of all the plate sets mentioned above, the only other set I own is the 2013 set purchased at $16.50 (you can read my review HERE). In my personal opinion: the cost, quality, quantity & image selection is better in the 2013.

I find some of the images on the 2012 to be fairly... specific, and not exactly to my taste (the fire hydrant, doughnuts, and heart with bat wings jump to mind). Don't get me wrong, most of the images are great, I just prefer the 2013 images and price! If you want the 2012 then I recommend waiting for Bundle Monster to announce a sale and nabbing this hip set!

Both plate sets are definitely welcome in my home! :)

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Whats your favourite image?

Thanks for reading!


**Please note that this is a scheduled post. I am taking a blogging break for the month of January.

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