Thursday, 16 January 2014

Color Club Girl About Town Mini Swatches

Hello beautiful ladies!

Over Christmas, a lovely (inside and out!) friend of mine gave me the Color Club Girl About Town mini set. Today I'd like to share my swatches

In usual Color Club fashion the bottles in this set had no names. I referenced Work Play Polish and her AMAZING swatches for the polish names.

Let's jump in!

Color Club Wicker Park:

Color Club Wicker Park is a bright purple shade, it leans a bit more pink-blue than red, but still very purple. In my pictures it come across pale, but its rather bight & just perfect for summer. Wicker Park had the best formula of the 4 minis in the set, and went on like a dream. Three coats shown here. Its unique in my stash (which has a lot of purple!) Definitely worth grabbing a full sized bottle.

Color Club East Austin:

Color Club East Austin is such a special gem! Its a neon-pastel-coral-orange shade, that's impossible to photograph. Its almost eye searing it so bright! In my photos it reads too pale (again, my camera doesn't like neon!) but they are really bright, no white base required. Formula was a little tricky, thanks to the hybrid neon-pastel pigmentation, but an extra coat smoothed everything out. three coats shown here.

You can see my cousin's swatch of East Austin HERE (or just go check her out at Simply Stylish Nails)

Color Club Pearl District:

Color Club Pearl District, is a warm gold with just a tiniest hint of a murky green. The finish is metallic, and left noticeable brush strokes. I found the formula difficult to put on smoothly & it dried slowly. I personally very really wear metallic shades on their own. Since the colour of Pearl District is so pretty I will be using this as a stamping polish, I can see this beautiful warm gold looking stunning over black or brown & adding an antique quality to a manicure. I'm a little excited to see what its capable of. 

Color Club The Uptown:

Color Club The Uptown: a brilliant flakie in blurple jelly. Capturing its true beauty on my camera was hopeless. The best picture I could do was out-side of my light box with the light on in the background. You can use this shade on its own as I did  at 3 coats, or use it as a topper. Even with top coat, this mani looked bumpy, so in the future I'm going to try layering it over another polish. Formula was thick, but almost all flakies nail polishes are. If you're a flakie lover, like me, then you had better run out and grab this!! :)

The Color Club Girl About Town is a great mini set, all the colours spoke to me in someway. Another huge bonus is they're all unique in my collection, and the colours can be used for the span of the year.

I'll be featuring these 4 shades in the next few posts with nail art.

Thank you to my friend for getting this awesome little set! I love it :)

Thanks for reading!!



  1. East Austin's the best!:) Love a pastel colors:)

    1. It's a great shade, that truly pops! You would love this shade!

  2. I love East Austin. I didn't see this at my local beauty supply; I'll have to hunt it down.

    1. I bet you could also find it on- line if it doesn't pop up anywhere. East Austin is definitely worth having!

  3. I recently picked up a CC mini set as well, and it contains The Uptown -- thanks to your swatches, I'm SUPER excited to give it a try!

    Kalyn @ The Scenic Route


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