Friday, 31 January 2014

Picture Polish Moody Blues


Today is my last scheduled post for the my month off from blogging! Phew! Thank you all for sticking with me while I took January off to be with my family and our newest member Jakob! All your kind comments truly mean a lot to me, and I'm working on replying to all of them.

For today post I have the beautiful Moody Blues by Picture Polish, created by Hannah at Polly Polish.
see! Told you its a beauty! :)
To create this simple look I used 2 coats of Moody Blues and stamped Bundle Monster BM-321. My stamping polish was Finger Paints Paper Mache.

Like other reviewers have mentioned, its almost impossible to get the red shimmer to show up on camera, I took a few low light pictures that show the red shimmer a bit better, but in real life its noticeable regardless of lighting.

Thank you again for reading my little blog, its you guys: the readers & the comments that make writing Nail Call the joy that it is for me. February will be hard as I try to get back into a blogging schedule that fits into my busier life, but I'm planning on sticking to it! :) I am looking forward to the months ahead.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Great color and I like what you did on your ring nail:)

    1. Thank you! The blue is really vibrant & the red shimmer emphasizes the blue. You really need to see it in real life to get a sense of how pretty it is!

  2. Love the color background the stamping design. This is def a pretty blue colored nail polish. Great choice indeed!

    1. Thank you! Moody Blues is stunning, the shimmer really brings this colour to life.


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