Friday, 28 March 2014

#LLLucky: Chanel Taboo

Good day friends!

Time for another Lacquer Legion post! This months theme is Lucky. You can search #lllucky over all social media sites to see what others have created & shared!

This month I decided to share Chanel Taboo:

I was given Taboo from Jon at Christmas. He had to drive to 2 different malls to find this, and the fact that he even knew I wanted this specific shade is short of miraculous (well, I did ask for it.. but he somehow retained that information lol).  Needless to say I feel lucky to own this polish!

Chanel Taboo is SOO pretty guys! Its a blue-purple base, packed with red shimmer, and a healthy sprinkle of super-super-super fine blue glitter. The blue seems to draw the light like nothing else. It's a shape-shifter-shade as well, sometimes more red than blue and vice-versa. I also asked Jon to guess what nail polish I had on from a distance of about 3m and he guessed black (wtf wrong wit you!?!) So it may appear black at a distance to some. 

I'll let the pictures do the rest of that talking:

Chanel Taboo with always hold a special spot in my heart and Helmer lol. It's an exquisite shade with a cute story behind how I got it.  I feel it was the best choice for the Lucky theme of this months Lacquer Legion.

If you search #LLLucky over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you can check out what others have created for this months theme.

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  1. Taboo is my favorite of the new colors from Chanel!


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