Tuesday, 4 March 2014

OPI Rock Goddess Swatches

Hello Lovelies!

 Jon's sister gave me the OPI Rock Goddess mini set for Christmas, and today I have swatches of all 4 shades. I used the red and yellow as the base colours for nail art in my last post, but today I'll be showing unadorned swatches.

OPI Rock Goddess set:

OPI Rock Goddess Swatches

OPI Rock Goddess box set

OPI Yellopalooza:

OPI Yellopalooza swatch

OPI Yellopalooza swatch 2
Yellopalooza is a fun sunny yellow, that is scaled back the tiniest bit to keep it from being harsh. The problem with yellows is often their formula bites, and this shade is no exemption. Shown here is 3 troublesome coats. I LOVE the colour, hate the formula. Boo!

OPI Stand in Lime For Days:

OPI Stand in Lime For Days Swatch

OPI Stand in Lime For Days Swatch 2
Stand in Lime for Days is a celery green creme. As with Yellopalooza, Stand in Lime for Days has a toned down quality to it that keeps it from getting to harsh. If you were sporting this green, people would notice your nail polish, but wouldn't distract during the entire outing. Also the same as Yellopalooza, was the tricky formula. Shown here is 3 coats. 

OPI Rolling Bones:

OPI Rolling Bones swatch

OPI Rolling Bones swatch 2
Rolling Bones is a sheer dark grey shimmer polish with flashes of gold, red, blue, and something else I can't put my finger on... iridescence perhaps? It took 3 coats to have full coverage. I added a 4th coat just to see if additional dept could be achieved, but the 4th coat made no difference. This is a 3 coater. I had no application issues. Shown here without top coat, I wore as-is for 2 days and had no chips or tip wear. 

OPI The Drummer is Hot:

OPI The Drummer is Hot swatch

OPI The Drummer is Hot swatch 2
The Drummer is Hot is a super bright, saturated orange-red with a great formula! Hands down my favourite shade in the collection. I will be keeping my eyes out for a full size of this shade.

My overall thoughts on this set is I love the colours, but I don't care for the application of Yellopalooza and Stand in Lime for Days. I also get a spring-time vibe from this collection versus Halloween, which is what this collection was created for. OPI Rock Goddess set also comes with a cute adjustable black macrame skull bracelet, which is a nice extra.

What do you guys think of this OPI set? Do you prefer to buy your nail polish in minis to test before committing to full size, or do you leap right in with full-size bottles? I prefer full size bottles, but minis are great for trends you're not ready to dip you toes into (like bright yellow nail polish for some peeps!!).

Have a great day!


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