Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Neverending Pile Challenge: Least Expensive


Yesterdays post in the Neverending Pile Challenge was the most expensive untried nail polish, in contrast,  today is least expensive. I decided to go with an Essence shade I picked up last summer on sale, I think I paid 99Cents for it.

Essence Walk On The Wild Side:

I used the following:
Essence Walk On The Wild Side
OPI My Vampire is Buff
Gals GA30 (stamping plate)
Cult Nails Nevermore (stamping polish)

I stamped using plate GA30, then added additional dots in the free space with Essence Walk On The Wild Side.

Please forgive the bubbling top coat here. I've been using Sally Hansen Triple Shine and it will cause your mani to bubble if the polish underneath's not completely dry. However it last a long time, I've been getting 3-4 days of wear out of  manicures using it.

I am the type of person who 100% believes that cost doesn't make a polish. Essence shades are very high quality for a great price even if you don't see them on sale, I love them. The fact that they cost so little only sweetens the deal.

I'm trying out new ways to take my pictures, what do you guys think? Are these better then my standard 3 poses? I'd love to hear your feed back.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Oh I couldn't agree more with you on the Essence polishes! Definitely value for money. Not to forget great colours as well. It's just sad that Essence in my country is very late on the "news" hahaha!

    Hmm, do like the post with the lace background. I think it adds a nice and subtle patterns instead of plain backgrounds. While trying out new poses or ways to capture an image is good, keep in mind not to let too many things distract the main focus of the pictures. I'd recommend a more neutral kind of colours for backgrounds, that way they won't seem to be "fighting" for attention and allows your nails to still be the center of attention. Oh, and keep in mind the golden rule of images too. You can read up on those on the net. They explain much better than me :) Just a few of my opinions, hope it helps :)

  2. I love Essence too, they make great polish!
    This mani is super pretty!


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