Monday, 3 September 2012

Lac Attack Butterfly Kisses

Happy Holiday Monday!!

I have a really fun look for you today! Nails Inc Baker St. with Lac Attack Butterfly Kisses:
Nails Inc Baker St with Lac Attack Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses is a glitter top coat containing large and small pink matte hex shaped glitter and holo butterfly glitters. It has fairly sparse application, above is 2 coats with 3 of the butterflies applied with a dotting tool. That being said Butterfly Kisses is amazing! I love matte glitter and how vibrant it looks against a creme base. Lac Attack is a great indie nail polish creator, I purchased this and the rest of the Music and Mattes collection during a pre-sale on her blog.

Nails Inc Baker St. is basically the best blue nail polish ever created. If you are a blue lover and don't have this in your arsenal, then you need to get it! You seriously will not regret it!

Check out where I used Baker St. with another amazing indie matte glitter .

This week is back to school for kids, including my oldest son who will be starting senior kindergarten. I am really excited to see what the school year ahead holds for him and the rest of our family. He will also be turning 5 in a few weeks time too, which is the start of birthday season in my home, because we all come right after him in the following months.September brings lots of excitement to our life :)

Are you or anyone close to you going back to school? Any special prepping going on today?

I wish you all a event less start to the school year and...

Good Luck Students!



  1. Baker Street is an awesome base for this glitter - It makes happy just looking at it :)

    1. It has become one of my fave polishes. Its actually on my toes now :)

  2. This is so pretty! My girls start school too. 2nd grade and Kindergarten. We're excited!

    1. Thanks Essie :) Good luck to your girls with school!

  3. I love the butterfly glitter!!!
    My little niece and nephew are going back to school and kindergarten. They live 3 hrs away though, I really wish I could be there with them!

    1. Its hard being far away from family... I consider my-self lucky to live fairly close by (less than 1/2 hour). I wish your neice/nephew all the best this year!


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