Monday, 29 October 2012

Guest Post: Marta From Chit Chat Nails

Hi guys!

Today is my very first day back at work full time. For the past year I've been on maternity leave, looking after my youngest son, Isaac. But like they say all good things come to an end, now I'm starting a new path by returning to work and balancing life with 2 children. Since I knew I would be pressed for time these first weeks, I asked some really great bloggers to help me out.

To kick off my guest post parade we have Marta from Chit Chat Nails. Over this last year Marta has become a good friend to me both through blogging and in real life. One thing (of many things) I will miss when I go back, is having playdates with our kids while we have a good old fashioned chit chat!...heehee... get it? (I may or may not be smiling over my own joke right now)

Let's see what awesomeness Marta is loaning my blog today :D
Hello Lovely Ladies,
My name is Marta and I run the little nail-art blog called ChitChat Nails.
Karen has asked me to come up with a guest post while she adjust from maternity leave to the busy-schedule of back-to-work mommy. Karen has become a really REALLY great friend to me. You see, Karen and my husband Peter actually work for the same company (small world right!?!?). We have had a number of occasions to get together, and I look forward to each visit. I gotta tell ya, Karen is an INCREDIBLE Woman and I am honoured to be given the chance to post on her blog!!!

When preparing a post, I thought I would create a look that reflects 'my style' as well as pays a tribute to the stylish-momma that Karen is :D

I started out with three coats of Duri "Hawaiian Honeymoon" (a pinky-coral cream)... mmmh, I love me a soft pink/coral cream. Even though the cold Canadian months are upon us, I still venture to wear some pastels (a bright break from the vampy shades) ;)

For the pinky I applied two coats of the brand new Nicole by OPI "All is Glam, All is Bright". I painted my ring finger with OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" (only the best off-white ever ;) ), and stamped using China Glaze "Sci-Fi" and Bundle Monster BM-314. I used the dotting tool with the Nicole by OPI glitter to add a little bit of sparkly interest to the stamped design.
That is it from me today :D
Karen, I wish you a smooth transition, and I know that if anyone can do it all (juggle work, children, blogging, etc) it is you! ;)

Do YOU sport the skittles look or do you tend to paint your nails all the same?
Will you wear pastels in the fall/winter months?
Thank you Marta for sharing your talent on my blog! You truly are a stamping queen! I also love the multiple accent nail look (recently dubbed Skittlettes) you work like no one else can. Its now one of my favourite looks to wear and you are totally responsible for that! And another big YES! I plan on wearing pastels in the winter, especially certain "off-white" shades ;)

Thanks again Marta! Its an honour to have you posting for me!

If by some small chance you have not been to Marta's blog yet, click HERE

Thanks for stopping by everyone!



  1. Wow! So pretty - Marta always knocks it out of the park - perfect skittles!

  2. This is so lovely. Very classy but fun :)

  3. really pretty! this pink coral shade is AMAZING!

  4. So gorgeous I love pastels but being so pale I really struggle to pull them off just looked like they blend in LOL!

    Jazz x

  5. This is SO Marta! Stamping, lovely soft (yes bright-ish) colors and a hint of sparkle. Love it! I'm really glad she introduced me to this blog, I'm following!

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