Monday, 3 December 2012

Green and White with Glitter!!!!

Hey everyone :)

How was your weekend? My little ones are on the mend, and they spent the weekend having fun at their grandparents. Jon and I went to his company's Christmas party at a hockey game, and we got to watch from the suites. It was really cool, especially since our home team(London Knights if any one was wondering) are in the middle of a crazy winning streak (15 games!!...ANnnnd now I just jinxed them). Also its awesome that the young players get all this attention while the NHL is locked out.

Anyways I rocked some green and white for the event, which are of course the Knights colours :)

Sorry if it looks a bit rough, its a day old in this picture. I used all OPI: My Boy Friend Scales Walls, Fresh Frog Of Belair, and Greenwich Village.

Sooooo verrry dry... :( damn you cold weather!!

Ok I cannot be the ONLY person who refuses to believe we made it to December already!? How and when did this happen? I've barely touched my Christmas shopping, and I haven't got my house ready to put up a tree (when you have a small house like mine, some temporary rearranging furniture is needed for Christmas time). Right now I'm tackling the biggest stack of laundry I've ever seen.

I have a comp of OPI My Boy Friend Scales Walls and Sally Hansen Ion coming up tomorrow, I hope to see you then :)

Have a great Monday!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! it was super easy to do before rushing out the door :)

  2. beautiful and festive look :) I haven't done anything for the coming Christmas either, you are not alone ;)

    1. Thank you! LOL I'm glad somone else will be rushing around on christmas eve with me :)


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