Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Twin Post with Gosia from Life In Color!

Good morning Lovelies!

I'm happy to be sharing a twin post with Gosia over at Life In Color about our swap we had a few weeks ago. Back in November I contacted her about a *certain* GOSH nail polish (but I'm not saying which! lol) and we decided a nail polish swap is in order!

Check out the goods Gosia sent me:
Front: All China Glaze, Wagons Trail, Bizzar Blurple, and Immortal (!!!). Back: Cult Nails Afterglow, Finger Pains Inkblot Blue, Finger Paints Papier Mache.

I was able to kill one MAJOR lemming (Immortal) and lots of little ones too. I was thrilled to be able to grab Cult Nails Afterglow from her blog sale (which still has LOTS of great stuff) because its sold out on Cult Nails site. I can't wait to try that one out.

... But it will have to wait! I tried Inkbolt blue right away!
Forgive the lint on my thumb
 Finger Paints Inkbolt Blue & Papier Mache nail art done with dotting tools.

Its sad, but my pictures cannot capture how bright Inkbolt really is. Inkbolt dries matte, so a top coat is advised. FP Papier Mache has a thick formula, but one of the best whites I've tried. I'm very happy to have this in my stash.

Next I have Immortal!
China Glaze Immortal
I knew I wanted ChG Immortal the minute I started seeing swatches. I have a thing for grey nail polish with shimmer! Immortal is a beautiful heather grey with blue, pink, and white shimmer particles. Its from ChGs Halloween collection this year, but I don't see Halloween in this shade.

That's all I've swatched so far! Keep your eyes out for the rest soon.

I want to say thank you to Gosia for picking these up for me because its basicly impossible for me to get to Sallys from where I live (one Sallys is 30 mins away in Sarnia, or the other one is 45 mins away in St. Thomas, for all you southern Ontario peeps) and both of those locations are no where near anywhere I ever need to be. Long story short, its awesome to have a Sallys hook up! :)

Please head over to Life in Color and check out the goodies I sent Gosia!

Thank you for reading!



  1. What a lot of nice polishes, lucky you :)

    1. I know! Gosia is too good to me :) TY!

  2. Wuaah I didn't post the whole thing you sent me, just the mani I did with two of them!!! I will adjust that tonight :)
    Woohoo, I'm so glad I sent you Immortal, I didn't realize it was such a lemming for you!!! Anytime you need anything from Sally's or wherever you let me know!!! Thanks again for all the great stuff you had sent me :))
    This mani looks awesome on you!!! Love the dots!!!

    1. No worries girl! Thanks so much for the swap! Most of what I got was already a lemming, but Immortal was #1, (so was bizzar Bluple). I've already used Papier Mache 2 more times lol.

  3. Love the polka dots!
    So cute!


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