Wednesday, 16 January 2013

OPI Stay The Night (Liquid Sand)

Good morning!

Today I have my final swatch of the OPI Liquid Sand nail polish I picked up, with Stay The Night (the black one). You can check out the other 2 I reviewed: Get Your Number (blue) and Can't Let Go (purple). I grabbed this one solely based on rave reviews from other bloggers (I'm lookin' at you Marta!)

Stay the night is a funky liquid sand (read: textured) nail polish. It has an almost black base with hot pink glitter sparkling though. To many this is the stand out star of the Mariah Carey Collection. To me however, it reminds me of cigarette ash... Sorry, SORRY! I know, rude! But I can't UN-associate this. To make matters worst, I made meatballs the day I wore this mani... and I couldn't get over how germy these liquid sands really are... just sayin'...Sorry, I hope I didn't just ruin it for everyone.

...they're still cool to look at right?
And as with the previous Liquid Sand polishes, Stay The Night is matte with super sparkly glitter. The pink and dark grey/black make a really interesting contrast.The finished look is very of-the-moment and eye catching, it also has an air of sophistication (lol I had to Google the spelling of sophistication... how unsophisticated of me). The shade is not really all that bad, but just not my style. I much prefer the bright, fun, and colourful liquid Sands.
Application was similar to the others, 3 coat and you're good to go. I ha no issues of note... Although I DID accidentally smudge and wipe off most of the polish my pinkie due to my clumsiness.  But the fauly was my own, not the polishes.

In the blurry middle picture, you can see how the pink sparkles & shines from the base. Its pretty cool to see in real life.

I'm super curious to see what you guys think of this colour, along with the rest of the texture trend that seems to be taking off?

My personal opinion, I think its a flash in the pan, and will be outta style by this time next year. I keep saying that I love it, but I think I just love new & exciting nail polish... Know what I mean?

Thanks for reading my review :)

Have a great day everyone,



  1. Replies
    1. Its so interesting! I am not sure its completely grown on me yet.

  2. I hope it is fad I don't care for texture on my nails. They are pretty enough but I'll never wear it
    Since you mentioned it, I never really thought bout it they are probably germ-y too

    1. Its def not my favourite trend. Its really interesting to try, because its brand new and never seen before, it will either fade quickly or stick around, but the hype will die down soon.

  3. I will buy this shade off of you! The association you made totally makes sense but that is why I love this polish :)

    I. Will gladly take it off your hands as I was going to pick up a backup bottle :)

    I think it looks lovely on you! ;)

  4. Really beautiful and pretty but yes, I do have to agree, it does look like cigarette ash AND it is a bit germ-y... very very very pretty though :)
    Oh and btw, I have awarded you on my blog with the Liebster Award :)

    1. Lol I can totally see the apeal of this shade, but its just not my style.

      Thanks! I will check it out for sure :)

  5. OMG!!! This mani is so pretty. I super like the color for it looks so elegant and classy. This mani is perfect for any occasion.

    1. Thank you Rossy G! I can see the vampy-ness of this shade being very adaptable to any occasion


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