Friday, 22 February 2013


Hello & happy Friday once again!!

God I love Fridays! Don't you? Today I'm venturing a little out of my comfort zone. As you may remember from Wednesday post, I had an amazing blog swap with Heather. In the package included 2 eye shadow palettes and a lipstick! So for today I decided to channel my inner beauty blogger, and show some make up swatches. I just want to apologise in advance if my swatches or pictures are not up to par as a more established mu bloggers swatches would be.

To start us off I tested the MUA Heaven and Earth palette:
MUA Heaven & Earth
This is so up my alley! I pretty well only wear neutral eye shadow, so I was extremely excited to get new-to-me MUA "naked" palette to play with. Here's my swatches:

Some applied better than others, here's a quick run down: Numbers 1,5,6,7,and 10 were my favourites. I found the shades 1-6 to be the best in terms of formula and wearability. Shadows 7-12 had a few troublesome shades, with #12 being my least favourite (not pigmented and tons of fall out). Poor application combined with the darker (and hard for me to wear shades) causes me to favour the 1-6 crowd a bit more.

MUA Artiste Palette:

The Eyeshadows:
My favourite is shadow #5, its brown, but its the one shade I am going to use the most. Number 4 looks pretty nice as well. One & two had very little pigmentation, and were very powdery.

The Blushes:
I loved all 4 of these blushes, I can totally see myself wearing them though the week. I am not a blush person at all... So these give me the opertunity to play around with some cool shades. My favourite of the bunch is number 1 and I don't have a least favourite. I can honeslty say these were all great on my arm swatch. (I've yet to try them on my face). The highlighter looks like you would need a light handed appliction.
17 Barely Blush:
Barely Blush swatch:
Barely Blush is a nice neutral creme pink lip-stick. Its simple and easy to wear, exactly my style.
I did some comparissons with Barely Blush and lip products I already had:
1. No7 Silk
2. 17 Barely Blush
3. Lise Waiter Stylista
4. Revlon Lip Butter Berry Smoothie
I also have Mac Lustering which I forgot to swatch, but I am positive would fit in with these shades.
Phew! I gotta give the beauty bloggers of the world alot of props right now! Its harder than it looks!!   Thanks for reading if you made it this far... I'll be back to nail polish on Monday.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Great swatches! That first palette and those pink cremes... *dies*

    1. :) I see we share similar taste in MU as well! :D


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