Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Essence Vintage District Swatches

Hi guys,

I've been falling behind on my weekly postings, but I'm trying my best to pull my socks up and keep my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting routine.

I picked up a few Essence (woo hoo for cheap polish!) at my local Shoppers when I saw the new Vintage District display, so today I have quick & dirty swatches of the 3 I saw in the display:

Vintage Peach:

Antique Pink:
 Shopping @ Portobello Road:
I'll let you make your own judgements on the colours, but the formula was pretty damn good on all shades, even the peach. Peachy shades are notorious for being streaky. I applied 3 coats on each. Good formula combined with one of the cheapest price tag out there make these a win for me.
THanks for stopping by,
Have a great day guys!
Karen XOXO


  1. Except for the blue, they are not really my colors - but in general I really like Essence...

    1. I agree, but I actually find Vintage Pink flattering on my nails. I like the 3 shades together better than individually.(The pink and peach are also a little too "vintage" for my taste lol)

  2. I love the whole feel behind this collection. The pink and blue are my favorites (I can't decide between the two, lol) but I LOVE your skittlette with all three.

    1. Thanks! :) I personally like the 3 shades as a package vs picking a favourite shade.

  3. I love vintage-y colors and WOW vintage pink is amazing! I almost got the peach but definitely getting the pink instead. Do you vacation time from sinful colors to compare the two? I feel that vintage pink is much darker but I'd love to know how they compare :)


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