Monday, 15 July 2013

My 2nd attempt at Tribal Nails

Hi There!

Have a good weekend? Mine was very low key, I stayed home and made food!... The pregnant lady gots to eat :P Oh and I did my nails. I actually drank a cup coffee at 9 on Saturday night, then stayed up until 1am doing my nails and watching the Star Trek movie.

As my title suggests, today I have my 2nd attempt at the tribal mani. You can see my first attempt HERE in which I followed Lucy's tutorial. I followed the same basic steps to create the look below:
I used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and painted over with China Glaze Lemon Fizz & Peachy Keen.

Then I separated the colours using a no name black stripping polish, once separated I filled in the spaces with extra designs.

 I left a few spaces open, there I added dots using my dotting tools (you can see my pinky, where I smudged the center dot)

I really enjoyed the finished look! I have a huge thing for tribal inspired stuff right now, and I'll be pulling this look out again soon :).
************************Non-Nail Polish Related************************
Before I sign off for the day, I want talk a moment about something unrelated to nail polish. I don't usually use my blog as a "soap box" to stand on and preach, but with summer in full swing I would like to share with you a link from Health Canada about sun screens, sunburns, skin cancer and prevention of the last 2 (there are many other reputable sources as well).

As a parent there is so much out of my control as far as my children go, that I do what I can to prevent what I have control over. One of those things is sun screen, I apply it to my sons every day before school, and I pay extra to have their child care provider put it on during the day as well. The reason I do this is out lined in the article link above.

Many people who have skin cancer got the sun damage from burns they received when they were little. I've come across my share of people who've had skin cancer scares/spot removals. When I was younger I let myself get tanned burned by sitting in the sun reading, sunning at the beach, ect, mistakenly thinking I was doing my body/skin a favour. Today I apply sunscreen to my kids & myself once a day, and re-apply as needed.

There are people who do not understand why I take sun protection seriously, and some even make disparaging remarks towards me when I ask or talk about sun screen application/use... actually these people are the reason I'm writing this. I thought I would take to opportunity of using my blog platform to share my point of view on the subject of sun protection.

I hope this little tangent encourages you to do more research on the subject and make informed choices. The damage you may do to your skin now, might affect you 15, 20, 25 yrs down the road.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading.

Have a great Monday & stay safe in the sun!!!




  1. I hope you choose to do more attempts, you are good at it :)
    Beautiful mani!

    1. Thank you! I hope to try more like this very soon ;)

  2. these are absolutely gorgeous, i try doing something like this the other day. i failed terribly.

    1. LOL! thank you so much! I'm sure it wasn't bad :)

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