Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Hello annd....

Happy Halloween!! 

Todays mani was done using some LONG time favourites:

I used: 
OPI Cuckoo For This Color
KKCenterHK Water Decals (10% off with code nailcall)

This set of water decals seem to have become more brittle with age (these are from the same package as the ones I used last year), so I had to be a little more cautious using them. They are still stunning though, and I highly recommend them! 

Some Halloween-esque (but not limited too!) accessories:
Scarf: Ardenes
Sorry for the hyper crop, but I has such a bad double chin in the pic! (at this point I should add the hastag: #pregnancyproblems) LMAO
Bracelets: various (including Ardenes & Claires)

Aside from Halloween, I wanted to share this video about a time lapsed Photoshop by Up Worthy with you. Shannon (@shannonfisher) shared it on Twitter, and I found it really eye opening & puts a lot of superficial stuff into perceptive.  

Have a great, fun, and safe night everyone! 



  1. That's gorgeous!! I absolutely love both the colours! The vid has a great message! (Though I hope no one condemns the job, lol. Its actually quite a fun job editing and compositing) Also make up and all, is subjective matter. Some call it fake while others says its a solution, it is making an effort. Anyhow its still up to individual to see the matter. (but I do dislike guys who lamely calling girls who make-up as fakes. like who are them to pass such judgement to women?! hahaha!!) While exterior helps boost our confidence, in the end its still the core and what lies deep within us that truly makes the difference :)

    Ahems, anyway Happy Halloween, Karen! :D Have fab day!

    1. I love and wear make-up (almost every day if I can) I personally feel better & more pulled together with it on (as you mentioned above). What I was trying to get at is that magazines will try and "trick" you into thinking you "have" to be so skinny, so tall, look this way ect, ect, when the looks themselves are not even real. When I say 'puts superficial stuff into perceptive' I mean in the sense, that maybe I won;t be so hard on myself if "my tummy isn't as flat" or "my legs are not as long" because they may not be in real life (on the model) either! I just hope young girls find this, and know the reality behind models & celebs (as a mother of 2 young boys, I think its important to pass the message to boys as well!). I am not condemning the job at all! If I look deep down in my heart, and I had to pose naked (for some strange reason), I would pray to have someone "fix me up" a bit Photoshop wise as well! Its almost like its not the same women anymore.

      Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful comment! I love reading what you have to say! :)

    2. Hehe, thank you Karen!! You have no idea how happy that made me. Hahaha! Often times I felt people couldn't care less what I had to say (or it was hard to follow verbally.. hahaha!).

      Oh yeah, I totally hadn't thought from the model's perspective. All the editing and 'touch ups' would have been very hurting (unless of course they were told earlier.. but still it would be hurtful) sigh. Oh yes, that is very true. Young girls or any women in general ought to feel more confident in who they are, and not what the 'media' or other people think is beautiful. And I often lament the fact how trends tries to mold women! Sometimes my Mom could hardly find clothes that suits her, and its just sad to hear her say stuffs like "oh these are not for me, just for younger ones.. skinnier ones..." -- omgosh, I secretly get angry all the time at designers for not thinking of women in general or in realistic way! Aren't they suppose to help women feel beautiful? The opposite is definitely happening instead. Had they not done their surveys? Research? Reality check? Another thing that puts me off is the ever growing size of women's purses and the shrinking size of pockets in pants - most practical ideas ever! =.=!

      Crap, I'm so off topic. But I'm super fussy too when it comes to outfits and I can just go on and on about how silly many trends are. These days I dare say, aesthetics 100% and practicality is 0% why don't anyone in fashion industry see this problem? Can't they find a balance? Omgosh, I'm so sorry, bottled up frustrations. Hahahah! I don't entirely condemn fashion and trends either, I appreciate all the new looks they come up with, and I certainly can appreciate it on people who loves it. But I just wish it can be more practical for the majority of us. Since I believe very much that the core outline of a designer's job is to creatively solve a problem. =/

      Aw Karen, you are lovely just the way you are. No need for photoshoping :) And don't worry, flat tummy in my book means hungry. Besides! What are women without our womenly curves? *wink wink* ;D

  2. love this halloween mani! it's the most elegant Halloween design I've seen!

    1. Thank you so much! Later on in the day, I felt like my mani had a bit of a Christmas vibe going on thanks to the green and gold. LOL Thanks again!


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