Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mean Green Halloween


So yesterday I got the rudest break in my nail ever and had to file all my nails down to nubbins. That means my post today is going to be super short, just like my brand new hyper-nubs. I'm only posting one picture of my scary nails... and sadly not in an awesome Halloween kind of scary.

Halloween Mani:

To create this scaaaary look I used:
Sally Hansen Grass Slipper
Mash Plate 25-50: 38
Bundle Monster CYO 2013: BM 413
Cult Nails Nevermore for stamping

To make up for my lack of nail pictures, here's our freshly carved pumpkins:

Can you tell I'm a mom to all boys?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a great day,



  1. these look great! my nails are always that short :)

    1. Mine grow a bit longer, then one ALWAYS breaks so I have to file them all this short. Its always the middle finger to blame too (maybe I use it to much! LOLOL JK!!) Thank you!! :)

  2. Booo sorry to hear about the break :( They still look awesome though, especially with super bright green polish!

    1. Thanks! It was the middle finger, and it happened like 2 hrs before I was planning to do this mani! It broke so short I couldn't get it to file into a straight line :(.. isn't this an appropriate time for one of these: #nailbloggerprobz lol. Thanks again!

  3. Hahahahha!! Omgoshh Love the carved pumpkins! So well done! You are simply awesome! XD

    Awww sad to hear about the nail break, but on a brighter note fresh start for nubbins! I love how the green makes it look like green slimes! And although not scary, they sure are quirky enough! I like the cute fella on your index! XD

    1. So true! I'm looking at the bright side from now on. I know! not scary at all! I don't really like scary like gore and stuff, but I'll definitely take quirky! I love that description, Thank you!! :D


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